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Oklahoma car accident victims deserve fair compensation

Oklahoma car accidents can occur anytime, anywhere and are often associated with serious injuries and fatalities. Oklahomans must understand that drivers can be held responsible if they cause an accident that results in catastrophic injuries and property damage. Car accident victims, on the other hand, have the right to seek damages from a responsible party. However, it is important to understand that not all injured parties are entitled to damages. Courts will first determine who the negligent party is before they decide to whom the award will be given.

Our law firm, Nix Law Group, P.L.L.C., understands how difficult it can be to receive compensation after a car accident. In many cases, injured parties recover less than they deserve. After a car crash, insurance companies will investigate the scene of the crash. These companies collate necessary information that will determine the amount of compensation. While some insurance companies perform a thorough investigation, others overlook or ignore details of the crash, resulting in less compensation for the injured parties or even a refusal to pay damages. We have experience with such cases, and help victims seek compensation based on their injuries, medical expenses, lost wages and other costs related to the car crash. Our team of legal professionals performs an independent investigation to collect evidence for the case.

Potential defendants in a truck accident claim

Trucks are capable of hauling heavy freight, which is why they are often used by many industries for transporting goods like hazardous chemicals. Unlike other types of motor vehicles, trucks are more difficult to operate and only professional truck drivers are allowed to drive them. These truck drivers must adhere to federal trucking regulations to ensure safety.

Sadly, not all of them follow the rules and regulations. When a truck collides with another truck or another vehicle, the results are often catastrophic. Aside from the initial damage upon impact, trucks can cause secondary damage, depending on the contents of the freight.

OKC man faces manslaughter charge for recent train accident

The loss of a loved one in a motor vehicle accident that is caused by someone acting recklessly can be difficult for family members to accept. Fatal accidents involving drinking and driving are too common, but one recent Oklahoma City accident is particularly heartbreaking because it occurred just two days before Christmas.

According to Oklahoma City police, the fatal accident occurred north of the Will Rogers World Airport just after midnight when the 28-year-old driver of a car on the way to the airport with a passenger attempted to cross train tracks but struck an oncoming train near Newcastle and Meridian roads. The passenger, a 34-year-old woman, was declared dead at the scene. The driver was taken to a nearby hospital with undisclosed injuries. He has since been arrested and charged with driving under the influence and manslaughter. Authorities were initially trying to determine whether the driver was trying to beat the train to the crossing or whether warning signals were not working before the crash.

How can motorcyclists avoid some common types of accidents?

Motorcyclists face unique challenges whenever they are on the road. Although riders have the same rights as other drivers, some drivers fail to notice when they are driving next to motorcycles. A driver who fails to recognize a motorcycle can make a decision that puts a rider's life in danger. Unfortunately, when a motor vehicle collides with a motorcycle, riders are often severely injured or killed.

What are three of the most common types of motorcycle accidents? Those that occur when a motor vehicle turns left in front of a motorcyclist, hits a motorcyclist from behind or suddenly moves into the motorcyclist's lane.

Standing with Oklahoma commercial vehicle accident victims

Throughout Oklahoma, commercial vehicles, such as taxis and buses, are used to transport people both short and long distances. Every passenger on a commercial vehicle is vulnerable to the behaviors and abilities of the vehicle's driver. Although commercial vehicle operators often drive more defensively than operators of passenger vehicles, such as cars, some still drive recklessly and potentially endanger the lives of their passengers. Although commercial vehicle accidents are far less frequent than car accidents, they can be more catastrophic and can injure or kill many people because of their size and weight.

Our law firm has seen too many cases of commercial vehicle accidents from truck accidents to bus crashes. These types of accidents can mean more liabilities than car accidents, where a single party is likely to be held responsible for any injuries or deaths. In commercial vehicle accidents, not only the driver who caused the crash - a truck driver or a bus driver, for example - but also the operator of the bus or the trucking company and the mechanics who installed parts on those vehicles or performed maintenance or repairs can all be held liable. For this reason, our team of attorneys will thoroughly investigate a crash to determine if insurance companies overlooked any contributing factors. Unfortunately, these companies sometimes fail to acknowledge factors that could increase compensation paid to victims and their families.

CDC explains how drivers can avoid car accidents and injuries

With so many cars on the streets and highways of Oklahoma, collisions between vehicles are common. Even though drivers and passengers may be inside metal frames and have built-in protections, such as seatbelts and airbags, they can still suffer from injuries during collisions. The predominant question then becomes, how can drivers protect themselves from crashes? The answer is to learn to rely on their skills, training and experience. In part, this means preparing for the worst scenarios. Fortunately, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified the best ways for drivers to avoid car accidents and the most serious injuries.

Comprehensive licensing programs are first. A 2007 study by the American Automobile Association found that such training reduced fatalities by 38 percent among 16-year-old drivers. The second way to reduce accidents is for drivers to avoid drinking alcohol before driving. In 2011, 6,800 lives could have been saved if drivers had not driven after consuming alcohol.

Fatal car crash remains under investigation

Oklahoma residents know that one of the leading causes of deaths in this country is motor vehicle crashes. Some fatal motor vehicle accidents result from poor road conditions, weather conditions and other uncontrollable factors. Negligence of another person is also a common contributing factor in fatal accidents. When a fatal accident is caused by another person, the responsible party could be held liable for the wrongful death of the victim.

In Duncan, Oklahoma, a 46-year-old man died after he was struck by a pickup truck last month. Based on one report, the man was crossing State Highway 81 when the fatal accident happened. The driver of the pickup truck remained at the scene of the crash. Police are waiting for the toxicology report, which may still take weeks. The fatal accident remains under investigation.

How can truck drivers prevent truck accidents?

"Big rigs," such as 18-wheelers and delivery trucks, often travel on major highways in Oklahoma at all hours. These vehicles are large and capable of hauling anything from perishable goods to hazardous chemicals, such as gas. When these trucks collide with other motor vehicles, the results are often far worse than common car accidents. Aside from damage to property and injuries to any people involved, truck accidents can cause secondary injuries when the substance or goods being hauled by the truck spill on the road.

Due to the devastating effects of trucking accidents, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has implemented the Hours of Service regulations, which it hopes will curb catastrophic truck accidents. Drivers of commercial motor vehicles must comply with these HOS regulations, which provide two hours of operations limits for truck drivers. The first is an 11-hour daily driving limit and the other is a 14-hour workday limit. In totally, truck drivers are only allowed to drive 70 hours per week and can drive again after resting 34 consecutive hours. After eight hours of operating a truck, a driver must take a 30-minute brake.

How to avoid serious injuries in motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents may occur when drivers fail to see motorcyclists on the road. When drivers fail to pay attention, the results can be catastrophic. In collisions involving motorcycles, riders are more likely to suffer severe injuries compared with occupants of passenger vehicles. Because riders are exposed to the elements and other dangers when riding their motorcycles, it is important to know some simple tips on how to avoid serious injuries in motorcycle accidents.

The first tip is to wear one of the most important pieces of protective equipment: a helmet. In most fatal motorcycle accidents the cause of death is due to head injury. Riders can often avoid a head injury by wearing a helmet. It is important to wear full-face helmets, as they protect the face and head area. Aside from wearing a helmet, riders should avoid riding while they are intoxicated. Even if they haven't consumed an ample amount of alcohol, their judgment can still be impaired and that increases their chances of a motorcycle accident.

Commercial vehicle accidents can be very complex

Drivers of commercial vehicles such as delivery trucks, buses and vans follow their employers' directions and instructions to meet the demands of their business. Although these drivers are can be safe drivers, they sometimes fail to follow state and federal traffic rules and regulations, increasing the risk of an accident. Any Oklahoman who is involved in a commercial vehicle accident may find that it triggers the involvement of one or more insurance companies.

Anyone who has been involved in a commercial vehicle accident involving a bus or delivery trucks may be entitled to seek compensation. Usually, an insurance company will offer a settlement to avoid litigation. The offer may seem to be enough to cover the victim's losses, but victims may be entitled to more. In fact, compensation from a commercial vehicle accident may be higher than compensation from more common crashes such as car accidents. The settlements offered are usually not enough to cover all losses incurred, including medical expenses. Our law firm has handled personal injury cases, and we understand the difficulty of dealing with medical bills and other expenses after an accident.

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