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Oklahoma City Motor Vehicle Accident Law Blog

Common causes of motorcycle accidents

Typically when people discuss motorcycle accidents, it's usually in reference to a collision with an inattentive driver. While this is very often the situation, there are actually several common causes for motorcycle accidents. And those related to other drivers account for most of the fatalities.

Motorcyclists are at great risk of injury

Accidents happen every day. At slower speeds, they may be minor fender benders. At faster speeds, they can be catastrophic.  However, for motorcyclists, even with helmets and the proper clothing, accidents at any speed can cause severe injuries. That is why it is so important for motorcyclists involved in an accident to seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Are Mansfield bars effective?

While traveling down the highway it is likely that you have, at some point, been behind a semi truck. Whether attempting to cut gas mileage by drifting close behind or gaining on them to make the pass, many drivers have come dangerously close to a trucks back end.

A case of road rage turns deadly

Most of the time when we hear about reckless driving, we think about behaviors like speeding and swerving. In the minds of many people, road rage is in a category on its own. However, when reckless behaviors lead to heated interactions with other drivers, enraged drivers can make dangerous decisions that have deadly consequences.

Nov. 1 car seat laws to change

Whether shuttling your own kids to and from school or picking up their friends from soccer, when traveling with kids in the car we take extra care to drive safely. Making sure our child passengers are securely buckled in their seats may be part of the routine, but come Nov. 1 parents will have to get used to some changes in how they approach traveling with children.

Driving while drugged is becoming a bigger threat

Driving under the influence of alcohol has always been at the forefront of traffic safety concerns. While it remains a big deal and likely won't change anytime soon, the American public may have to learn to deal with the new threat of driving while drugged. According to a recent study, this new threat joins drunk driving at the top of traffic safety concerns.

High-speed chase ends with car flipping

While Oklahoma highways are filled with commuters making their way to and from work, some may have been surprised recently to see a fellow driver on the shoulder zipping past traffic and chased by police. Many Oklahoma travelers got to witness a high-speed chase and crash on a Monday afternoon when a woman fled police because of a traffic violation.

High-tech safety for cyclists and runners

Millions of American's stay in shape through fun activities such as cycling and running. For many individuals, these therapeutic activities take place on the road, and as much as we enjoy them, there are risks involved when alongside passing vehicles. For pavement pounding athletes, staying safe while roadside is just as important as staying active. Good news for all of us, whether weekend warrior or competing athlete, safety gear has gone high-tech.

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