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Recent incident a reminder to be cautious near accident scenes

On Monday evening, two Oklahoma highway patrol officers were injured while investigating the scene of a fatal accident. Reports indicate that a distracted motorist crashed into one of the patrol cars, which pushed the trooper's vehicle into the other patrol car.

Reportedly, both troopers suffered minor injuries because of the accident. After receiving treatment for these injuries, both officers were released. The incident serves as a reminder for Oklahoma residents to practice caution when approaching the scene of an accident.

Avoiding motorcycle accidents is the best way to survive them

If you are reading this blog post, then you are probably a fan of motorcycle riding and you would like to be safe while traveling on Oklahoma City roadways. Good! Those who are safety conscious have the best chance of both avoiding a motorcycle accident and surviving if one does occur.

Spring has arrived and summer is just around the bend, which means that you are probably planning a few motorcycle excursions for the warmer weather. If you truly care about avoiding motorcycle accidents, take the safety tips offered below with you when hit the road this year.

Federal laws for truck driver conduct

Commercial trucks are much larger than the average personal vehicle. If accidents occur, the smaller vehicle ends up damaged, and the driver might face injuries. Federal truck accident laws govern the way in which truck accidents are dealt with by the government.

Several federal and state laws govern the trucking industry. These laws must be followed by both trucking companies as well as their drivers. Failure to comply with these laws can result in hefty fines and other forms of punishment. The two major federal agencies that govern trucking laws are the United States Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Although each state has its own regulations, they usually are similar to the federal laws

Injuries occur primarily in no-zones around trucks

No-zones refers to the areas around a vehicle which you should avoid, or bar avoidance, maintain extra vigilance. Every vehicle has a series of no-zones, but tractor-trailer trucks are notorious for the size of their no-zones and their dangers. Semi-trucks are large, lumbering beasts that can easily crush most passenger cars. It is thus crucial that you proceed cautiously around these vehicles when you interact with them on the road.

There are four no-zones around semi-trucks: the front, rear, side, and when they make turns. The front of the truck is a no-zone because semi-trucks need several football field lengths before they can come to a complete stop. Thus, passenger cars should give these trucks wide berth when merging in front of them. 

Pedestrian accidents on highways

Pedestrian accidents are almost always severe, but they are deadly or even fatal if they occur on an interstate highway. Cars and trucks travel at much faster speeds on these highways, therefore, it is far more likely that a person will suffer severe or fatal injuries if they are struck by a car. This post will go over how these accidents happen and what you can do to avoid them.

You are probably thinking, how do pedestrians get struck on interstates? They aren’t allowed on interstates, and there is no reason for a person to take a jog alongside one. You are correct, most pedestrians who are struck on the interstate were not there on purpose. Most of these accidents result because a car broke down and the driver is attempting to deal with the situation.

Troubling data about drunk driving accident deaths in Oklahoma

Residents of Oklahoma already understand that drunk driving is a problem, not just here, but in all of the United States. Drivers that take the wheel while intoxicated pose a serious but preventable risk to everyone sharing the road. Unfortunately, the problem of drunk driving in Oklahoma may be worse than many believe as government facts about the situation reveal.

From 2003 through 2012, 2,205 people per 100,000 perished in drunk driving accidents occurring in Oklahoma. This means that an average of 2,205 people out of every 100,000 died in an alcohol-related accident.

Some of the major causes of pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians can be defined as people travelling on foot, whether they are walking or running. Pedestrians are under a great amount of risk while they go out and about near roads. According to the figures, 150,000 pedestrians were involved in auto-accidents in 2013 across the country.


Factors leading to truck rollovers

Given their size and weight, you may think that it would be nearly impossible for a big rig truck to roll over, but this is not the case. And in fact, there are several possible contributing factors that could influence a truck rollover accident.

A chief culprit of rollover accidents is cargo that is piled up too high in the trailer. The higher a load is stacked, the higher the truck's center of gravity is from the road. As a result, it is easy for trucks to roll over when making fast turns or quick lane changes. Making such maneuvers can cause what is called the "crack-the-whip" effect.

A real-world lesson about a real-life car/bicycle accident

Although we try to communicate clearly, it is not always easy for personal injury attorneys to explain accident issues to victims. Often, the victim needs a peer perspective instead of a legal perspective. A good, solid perspective would tell newly-injured victims what works and what does not work in terms of a legal remedy. It would also inform them about what not to do after a bike or pedestrian accident.

We came across the story of one young man who was struck by a vehicle while biking. He used his blog to detail his struggles following the accident and shared images of his medical bills and other information. Fortunately, he did not suffer life-threatening injuries but got a fractured femur out of the experience. He also shared information about the property damage caused by the accident as well as his struggles with insurance companies.

Oklahoma man leaves behind a family and a legacy

Nearly every day here in Oklahoma we pick up the newspaper or check out our news feed to see another article about someone killed in a car crash. After a while, the stories have less impact. We start to become numb to them; to the human beings who lived full lives and had families before they were snuffed out by a drunk driver.

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