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What are car accident damages available in Oklahoma?

Like other states, Oklahoma laws offer victims of car accidents the opportunity to seek compensation when the accident was not their fault. This compensation is invaluable in helping to pay for the costs of medical care as well as some other expenses. These are known as damages and are available to victims under certain circumstances.

Oklahoma offers two basic types of damages: economic damages and noneconomic damages. The economic damages you may pursue include medical expenses, lost wages from missing work and the costs of repairing or replacing your motor vehicle.

Do you know these 3 common birth injuries?

You are likely looking forward to giving birth to your child with great anticipation. While your delivery may be smooth and joyous, sometimes complications can occur during pregnancy and delivery. In these circumstances, your baby could become injured. While most deliveries are successful, you should always be prepared if something goes wrong. 

Sometimes birth injuries are due to neglect, inappropriate treatment or other improper care from the doctor. Here are some of the most common birth injuries that may be a result of medical malpractice. 

Why do pedestrian accidents continue to happen?

You would think that in an enlightened world that is filled with amazing technology, pedestrian accidents would be a thing of the past. However, these accidents still happen at an alarming rate all across the state of Oklahoma as well as the rest of America.

It can be difficult to pinpoint the precise reasons pedestrian accidents occur because all situations have unique factors. However, patterns have emerged over the years that provide researchers with clues as to why many of these accidents happen. First, you might think about the number of people who may choose to walk instead of drive, especially when gas prices rise. More walkers combined with more vehicles can be a recipe for disaster

Truck accidents: Scarring and emotional trauma

If you have already suffered injury in a truck accident, then you are all too aware of the damage such a collision can inflict on your body. Unfortunately, scarring is a frequent companion to physical trauma. Whether it is a minor mark across the kneecap or a severe scar across the face, marks on the human body bring trauma of a different kind to victims.

Worsening the situation, scars can cause physical as well as emotional problems. Scars form as the body heals and in the case of deep tissue wounds, the resulting scars can hamper mobility as the injury continues to knit and tighten. To many, the physical aspect alone sounds like a terrible ordeal, but when you factor in the emotional effects of scarring, it can devastate victims altogether. Examples of this emotional trauma include:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder related to physical and emotional wounds
  • Depression and low self-worth based on appearance
  • Anxiety and difficulty socializing because of the body's scars
  • Difficulty sleeping, which can worsen the overall health of the skin

Witness statements shed doubt on fatal motorcycle accident fault

This past May, a terrible motorcycle accident involving a teen and an Oklahoma sheriff's deputy resulted in the death of the young cyclist. According to news reports, the deputy made an allegedly illegal U-turn to pursue a different motorcycle that he suspected of committing a traffic violation. Reportedly, this U-turn caused the victim to collide with another automobile, resulting in his death.

The family of the 18-year-old young man killed in the motorcycle accident has filed a tort claim blaming the deputy for their son's death. The claim alleges that the deputy made an illegal U-turn, crossing the double yellow line. The victim, who was coming around a curve, was forced to swerve. The youth avoided striking the deputy's vehicle but did collide head-on with a Ford Fusion.

Mixing intoxicating substances behind the wheel

Drunk driving accidents are tragic in and of themselves. There are many accident victims across the state of Oklahoma who can attest to this statement. Now that the nation's views on marijuana have become more tolerant, one can safely assume that many motorists will partake of this substance as well. This leads to many questions such as what happens if people choose to mix alcohol and marijuana and then take to the road.

It does not take much thought to imagine the worst. Most people understand that alcohol impairs decision-making and response times, which leads to drunk driving accidents. Did you know that marijuana often affects the human body in a similar way? According to WebMD, marijuana causes dizziness and dramatically slows reaction time. These effects can be deadly behind the wheel.

Complications associated with cesarean sections

The number of women giving birth by cesarean section has increased sharply over time, with reporting that more than a quarter of today’s American babies are now born in this manner. If you are among those who have C-sections as opposed to traditional vaginal births, it is important that you understand the unique risks associated with doing so, both for you and your baby.

Often, women do not know that they are to have C-section deliveries until something goes wrong in the traditional delivery process, but understanding the risks beforehand can help you make informed last-minute decisions should the need arise.

Car accidents: The driving mistakes of teens can put you at risk

If you have ever wondered why insurance rates are so much higher for teens, rest assured that there is a good reason. Unfortunately, teen drivers have more car accidents than older drivers do. As such, insurance companies typically impose higher rates for teen-aged motorists. The underlying truth of this practice is that insurance companies have analyzed the data and know just how dangerous new drivers can be.

Teen drivers who have studied, practiced and passed their driver's tests may feel confident about their ability to drive safely. However, inexperience and reckless behaviors can reduce their ability to handle a motor vehicle properly. In the section below you will find a list of teen driver mistakes that could cause serious car accidents.

  • Distractions: While no one should drive while distracted, teens may be especially ill equipped to multi-task behind the wheel.
  • Intoxication: Whether it is drugs or alcohol, intoxication combined with inexperience can certainly lead to a car accident.
  • Overloading: Teenagers like to hang out with their friends, which could mean piling too many passengers inside a vehicle leading to distractions and other dangerous factors.
  • Speeding: Data indicates that, on average, most teens drive about "1.3 miles per hour faster" than older motorists, putting them and other drivers at risk for a car accident.
  • Impulsiveness: Teenagers are prone to impulsiveness, which could cause them to ignore traffic signals or engage in other risky behaviors.

Common injuries from car crashes

When you are involved in a car accident, your injuries may prove relatively minor, meaning they require little, if any, medical treatment. On the other hand, they may prove quite serious, potentially debilitating you for life or even killing you.

While the nature of injuries vary broadly based on factors such as the severity of the crash, seat belt use and so on, there are some injuries that result from car accidents more than others.

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