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Oklahoma City Motor Vehicle Accident Law Blog

How safe are Oklahoma's rural roads?

A recent report on rural roads in America issued by the organization TRIP raises some serious questions when it comes to some important matters regarding rural roads here in Oklahoma.

One such matter is how safe rural roads are in the state. There are a couple of alarming things the report found when it comes to the fatality rate on rural roads here in Oklahoma. For one, it found that this rate was nearly three times larger than the fatality rate for other roads in the state. It also found that, when compared with other states, Oklahoma's rural road fatality rate was the 10th highest in the nation.

In many states, rain deadlier than snow out on the roads

Weather conditions can sometimes pose some very serious hazards out on the roads for drivers. In some instances, adverse weather conditions contribute to auto crashes. Sadly, sometimes, weather-related traffic crashes end up taking lives. It is estimated that weather-related auto accidents are responsible for around 7,000 deaths a year here in the United States. 

When it comes to hazardous weather conditions, a lot of attention is often focused on snow. However, a recent report indicates that, in most of the country, rain actually takes more lives out on the roads than snow does. 

Texting-while-driving bill signed into law in Oklahoma

There are many types of conduct that Oklahoma law expressly bans drivers from engaging in when they are driving in the state. Later this year, texting while driving will be among these types of conduct.

This is due to something that happened this week. Yesterday, the state's governor signed a bill containing a texting-while-driving ban (House Bill 1965) into law. The ban will go into effect on Nov. 1 of this year.

Drunk driving and the economy

Reductions in drunk driving crashes are pretty much always an incredibly encouraging trend. Such reductions can have many benefits. Some of the benefits are pretty obvious, such as that reductions in such accidents could mean that less people are being exposed to the possibility of suffering life-changing injuries at the hands of a drunk driver. Such reductions can also have some less apparent potential benefits. For example, a recent study indicates that reductions in drunk driving crashes may have some very positive economic effects.

The study looked at alcohol-involved crashes in the U.S. in the period between 1984 and 2010. The study found that such accidents trended significantly downward during this period.

What can parents do to help prevent teen drowsy driving?

There are many different things that could make a driver a significant safety risk to those around them. One is if the driver is drowsy. Fatigued driving is behind quite a few motor vehicle accidents. One thing it can be important for Oklahomans who have suffered injuries because a motorist took to the wheel while drowsy to be aware of is that the state's civil legal system may provide them with options for seeking compensation for the impacts of their injuries.  

Drowsy driving can be a major traffic safety danger when any type of driver engages in it. This includes teen drivers. Thus, one would hope that drowsy driving would be among the unsafe driving habits that parents would put a great deal of effort towards getting their teens to avoid. 

Truck driver cellphone use in Oklahoma

Driving a big rig in a safe manner can be a challenging thing, given how big these vehicles are and some of their other unique characteristics. Thus, it is very important for truck drivers, when behind the wheel of a big rig, to direct all of their focus and attention towards driving safely and responsibly. When a truck driver allows their attention to be drawn away from this by a distraction, it could result in a motor vehicle collision occurring.

One of the things that can pose a big distraction to a big rig driver is a cellphone. Thus, one would hope that big rig drivers here in Oklahoma would stay away from using a cellphone when behind the wheel.

Does police reporting of bicycle accidents need to be improved?

Generally, after a traffic accident occurs, police will make a report on the accident. Collisions between bicycles and automobiles are no exception to this. However, there are currently some limitations that are present when it comes to police reports on bicycle accidents. One of these limitations is that there, generally, aren't a lot of reporting codes related to bicycles in the current, handwritten, police reporting systems in the various states. 

Recently, a group of researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has made a request to all states to make updates to their police practices when it comes to reporting on bicycle-involved traffic accidents to address these limitations. Among the police reporting updates that the researchers are asking for are switching from handwriting reports to creating reports electronically through electronic tablets and increasing the number of bicycle-related codes available for use in reports. 

Helping Oklahoma motorists injured in rear-end crashes

You are driving along just like you normally do and, suddenly, - "Bam!" - a vehicle slams into the back of your car because that vehicle's driver wasn't being as careful as he or she should have been.

This is an alarming thing for anyone to go through. Sadly though, it is an experience that many individuals in Oklahoma have had. Rear-end accidents are one of the more common types of traffic crashes. 

Keeping kids safe when they are leaving school

One would hope that the time period in which a child is leaving school would be a safe one for the child. Unfortunately, there are some dangers that can arise during this period for a child. One is the risk of getting hit by a car. A recent study indicates that the time following school dismissal is a common one for car versus pedestrian accidents involving child pedestrians. 

The study looked at 100 incidents in which a child was hit by a motor vehicle in 2012 in one U.S. city: Philadelphia. The study looked at what time of day the accidents occurred. Two of the most common times of day for the accidents were the evening and the time after school dismissal.

Standing with Oklahoma commercial vehicle accident victims

Throughout Oklahoma, commercial vehicles, such as taxis and buses, are used to transport people both short and long distances. Every passenger on a commercial vehicle is vulnerable to the behaviors and abilities of the vehicle's driver. Although commercial vehicle operators often drive more defensively than operators of passenger vehicles, such as cars, some still drive recklessly and potentially endanger the lives of their passengers. Although commercial vehicle accidents are far less frequent than car accidents, they can be more catastrophic and can injure or kill many people because of their size and weight.

Our law firm has seen too many cases of commercial vehicle accidents from truck accidents to bus crashes. These types of accidents can mean more liabilities than car accidents, where a single party is likely to be held responsible for any injuries or deaths. In commercial vehicle accidents, not only the driver who caused the crash - a truck driver or a bus driver, for example - but also the operator of the bus or the trucking company and the mechanics who installed parts on those vehicles or performed maintenance or repairs can all be held liable. For this reason, our team of attorneys will thoroughly investigate a crash to determine if insurance companies overlooked any contributing factors. Unfortunately, these companies sometimes fail to acknowledge factors that could increase compensation paid to victims and their families.

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