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New developments in a 2016 fatal drunk driving accident

In August of 2016, a young college student perished in a drunk driving accident near Asher, Oklahoma. The student, originally from Texas, died when he and the driver's seat were ejected from the automobile during the accident. In the accident, which occurred on Aug. 10, 2016, the defendant allegedly struck the victim's vehicle head-on.

According to court records regarding this case, the defendant was recently ordered to undergo a competency evaluation. During the second week of May, he made a court appearance and was booked back into custody for the evaluation. He had been out on bond until this court appearance.

We are still waiting for foolproof trucking safety advancements

If you spend any time reading or listening to the news, you have probably heard a lot of buzz about safety advancements in the trucking industry. Like you, we applaud any attempts to reduce truck accidents. However, it is clear that foolproof technologies are still out of reach.

Cities and highways in Oklahoma have their own share of truck accidents, many of them fatal. It leaves our neighbors wondering why there is so much talk about safety technology in trucking and at the same time still so many serious injuries and deaths.

4 ways parents can teach teens to drive safely

Most parents face a mixture of excitement and terror when it comes to the thought of their teenagers driving. Sure, you have another driver to run errands and help you out, but teens often drive distracted and do not have as much experience at avoiding accidents as older drivers.

Your teen will be on the road with other teen drivers, and the dangers that come with that are very real. To prevent your child from becoming the cause of a deadly accident, you may want to teach them to focus on driving in the following ways.

Stop road rage before it ends up in tragedy

Everyone has times where someone cuts them off, brake checks them or drives incredibly slow in front of them. It is easy to get frustrated and take your irritation out on other drivers, but an important part of staying safe is ensuring that you know how to handle a situation when you are the one who caused the irritation.

In the past few years, deadly incidents were all too often the result of a driver who is in the middle of road rage. As a driver, you can defuse these situations and prevent accident, injury and even death if you handle them correctly.

Which vehicles are best equipped to avoid car accidents?

Manufacturing automobiles with the capacity to avoid collisions is one of the most important goals manufacturers share. As collision avoidance technology evolves, cars become safer overall, which is great news for anyone old enough to sit behind the wheel. Unfortunately, no vehicle has yet been created that can avoid car accidents no matter what, but there are some vehicles that have been deemed safer than others have.

Each year, the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) compiles a list of automobiles with high safety ratings. Now that collision avoidance systems have become more commonplace, many of the vehicles that make this annual list have such systems installed. Below are three of these automobiles along with details about their safety features.

Avoiding pedestrian accidents in Oklahoma City

Spring and summer is the ideal time to take to the streets of Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, warmer weather also increases the risk of becoming involved in a pedestrian accident. Like other areas of the United States, Oklahoma has its share of pedestrian accidents. Neither motor vehicles nor pedestrians are likely to go away so the trick for many becomes staying safe.

Oklahoma City recognizes the dangers inherent to pedestrians. In its "Watch for Me" project, safe walking is one of its main focuses. Some of the tips for safe walking endorsed by the city include the following:

Debunking common myths about motorcycle helmets

The nationwide debate centering on the safety of using motorcycle helmets is nothing new. It reaches every corner of the U.S. with people from all walks of life weighing in on the issue. Oklahoma is home to many motorcycle enthusiasts and while none of these citizens wants to experience a motorcycle accident, the benefits of helmet use remain unclear.

It may surprise people all across America to learn that many of the beliefs associated with motorcycle helmets are merely myths. Debunking these myths can help riders survive if they ever do become involved in a motorcycle accident. Below are a few of the myths surrounding helmet use and the information that refutes them.

How does Oklahoma rate in drunk driving accident prevention?

As you likely already know, MADD (Mothers' Against Drunk Driving) grades all of the United States in their efforts to prevent DUI and drunk driving accidents. The organization releases an annual report detailing how each state measures up. Below are the criteria used for the annual drunk driving prevention report.

-- No refusal policies to test blood alcohol concentration

How can a lawyer help in an Oklahoma truck accident case?

In the immediate aftermath of a truck accident, most Oklahoma residents are not thinking about a potential lawsuit. If injury has occurred, victims are most likely concerned with their medical treatment and damage to their vehicle. If the victim has suffered severe, life-changing injuries, it could be some time before they are able to think about the possibility of seeking compensation.

Many people automatically assume a lawyer can only help if an injury lawsuit is on the table. However, personal injury attorneys wear more than one hat when it comes to truck accidents. First, lawyers are there to help make you whole using whatever means the law provides. Sometimes, this means helping you with a personal injury lawsuit, but other times, it might simply mean helping you deal with insurance companies.

A safety reminder | Car accidents that stunned America

We understand that residents of Oklahoma know car accidents happen. We know that you realize that they can occur anytime, anyplace and under any circumstances. They happen in bad weather and in good weather. They happen in all age groups and all races. In short, they simply happen, often leaving victims injured and feeling helpless.

We also know that long periods of danger-free driving can breed complacency, and complacency is one of the most insidious enemies of safe driving. In an effort to deter complacency, we want to remind all Oklahoma City residents about some of the worst motor vehicle accidents that have happened in the United States.

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