Failure to Perform An Emergency C-Section

The passage down the birth canal may be the most dangerous journey a baby will ever make. If a child develops complications late in pregnancy or after labor has begun, the doctor may need to perform an emergency C-section.

At the law firm of Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst in Oklahoma City, we have a dedicated legal team to represent families affected by birth injuries. If your child suffered an injury because a doctor failed to perform a timely emergency C-section, you may be entitled to compensation to help your child meet the challenges ahead. To discuss your case with a lawyer at our firm, call 800-539-0652.

Was The Doctor Negligent?

The following are examples of times when a doctor should consider emergency surgical delivery of your baby:

  • The placenta has become separated from the uterine wall in late pregnancy or during labor
  • The baby becomes distressed during labor
  • The baby's heart rate is nonreassuring
  • Labor fails to progress and the cervix isn't opening enough to deliver the baby vaginally
  • Delivery using forceps or vacuum extraction was not successful
  • The umbilical cord prolapses or develops other problems
  • The baby is too large for vaginal delivery
  • The baby is in a breech or sideways position
  • The mother has severe pre-eclampsia or another dangerous medical condition

In many cases, a C-section is the safest delivery option for the mother and the baby. However, if the doctor delays surgical delivery too long, the baby may suffer permanent injuries such as cerebral palsy or hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. Our attorneys will consult with medical experts who can review your case and determine if the doctor acted promptly enough in performing a C-section.

For More Information About Emergency C-Sections

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