How Complex Are Music Laws And How Are Disputes Handled?

Music is all around us; in the car, elevator, office, shopping mall, grocery store, movies, video games, theater, major sporting events, dance performances and in commercials or shows on the radio, TV, and Internet. Unless you are a musician, agent, publisher, merchandiser or work for a record label or recording studio, you probably don't think twice about legal issues relating to the music industry. However, legal disputes often arise in the music industry relating to problems with copyright, trademarks, contracts, licensing, defamation, bankruptcy and other major issues.

Complexities Of Music Law

The music industry is a competitive sector, requiring recording artists, music publishers, performers, producers, songwriters, record label companies, and many others to take every possible measure in ensuring that their rights, privacy, and "intellectual property" are protected. Intellectual property in relation to the music industry involves exclusive rights to a wide range of intangible assets such as song lyrics; music; album titles; band or artist names; logos; and record label names. Music law also incorporates many aspects of entertainment law aside from intellectual property when it comes to bankruptcy law, competition law, contract law, defamation, health and safety law, immigration law, licensing and more.

Music law disputes can sometimes involve stage and set designers, graphic artists, merchandisers, choreographers, broadcasters, artist managers, distributors, collection societies, games designers, booking agents, lighting and staging companies, even promoters, and those in charge of managing festivals and venues.

Efficiently Handling Music Industry Disputes

Music is a business that affects a vast amount of people's livelihoods. If contracts are breached, property is stolen, rights are violated, or if other laws are broken, financial disputes and emotional strain can accumulate rapidly, creating a highly complex, charged situation. Oklahoma music law attorneys have the tenacity, candor and legal experience to help an individual or company in the music industry protect the future and achievements of their career and/or business.

Copyright issues are typically at the forefront of music industry disputes. Songwriters and musicians who believe that the rights to their lyrics or songs have been violated may be able to hold responsible parties legally accountable. While some of these issues may seem like minor misunderstandings at first, problems can escalate, denying a music professional of their valid legal rights and deserved compensation.

Another music industry dispute that occurs far too often relates to violations committed by managers, agents, or other individuals responsible for an artist's finances, gigs, promotion, marketing, or other important aspects of their career. While these disputes can be particularly emotionally taxing, mostly due to the fact that trust was violated, a music law lawyer can help you decide on the most rational and effective strategy to obtain a successful resolution.

Oklahoma Music Law Attorneys Providing Solid Legal Solutions

At Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst in Oklahoma City, our music law attorneys have a firm understanding of entertainment law, contract law, intellectual property law and several other vital areas of law relating to the music industry. Our commitment to ensuring that your future successes are not tarnished because of a current or past music industry dispute will provide you with effective and strong legal counsel and representation. Don't let all of your hard work in the music industry go to waste. To find out more about how our lawyers can protect your rights, contact us for a free and confidential consultation.