Did Your Insurance Company Treat You Unfairly?

Most people purchase insurance as protection against loss, injuries or catastrophic events. People do so thinking that they are in good hands and will be fully compensated if they suffer the loss for which they have purchased insurance. This is not always true.

As many people can tell you, insurance companies often look for ways to deny claims, even if their excuses for denying claims are flimsy. Remember, insurance companies are in the business of making money, which often means not paying money they owe to their clients. Such attempts to avoid paying justified claims have come to be known as "bad faith".

Lawyers Experienced In Bad Faith Insurance Claims

The attorneys at Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst in Oklahoma City know the tricks insurance companies use to get out of paying claims.

In filing bad faith insurance claims, our attorneys never charge our clients a dime, only winning payment as part of settlements and verdicts.

What Is 'Bad Faith'?

When you buy a policy, you are placing your faith in your insurance company. Your insurance company has a duty to act in "good faith" and deal fairly with you. It is "bad faith" when the insurance company violates your trust, betraying you by denying your claim for a fraudulent or false reason. Bad faith cases often occur in conjunction with truck and car accidents in Oklahoma.

Bad faith cases can also involve an insurance company refusing to pay the full benefits you are owed. For example, if you are injured and your medical bills are $50,000, your insurance company might agree to pay only $10,000, even though you have $50,000 in coverage.

Never Assume Your Insurance Company Is Being Fair

Many people feel that they must automatically agree if their insurance company denies benefits. That is simply not the case. You should always challenge any denial of coverage. An insurance company approaches a claim as something to avoid if at all legally possible.

As mentioned above, insurance companies do not make money paying out claims, but from collecting premiums from policyholders. Bear that in mind when you submit your claim. Your own diligence and complete documentation can be your best weapon in fighting an insurance company for bad faith.

Our Insurance Claim Attorneys Can Help

If you suspect you may be a victim of bad faith, our Oklahoma insurance claim attorneys can meet with you for free and review your case. We consider ourselves the "Davids" fighting against the "Goliath" insurance companies. Our lawyers are dedicated to making sure that your rights are protected and that insurance companies live up to the good faith you have placed in them.