Personal Injury FAQs

Below are some commonly asked personal injury accident questions. If you have questions about your recent accident or injury, please contact us immediately to discuss them with an experienced lawyer.

  • Can I be found liable if my car is rear-ended in a crash?
  • Who pays workers' compensation benefits?
  • What should I do if I'm involved in a traffic accident?
  • What must a plaintiff prove to recover for an assault or battery?
  • If a dog bites a person, is the owner liable for doctor's bills?
  • What does a person have to prove to win a slander or libel claim?
  • Does the average member of the public have any privacy rights?
  • Can a person recover damages for injuries sustained on someone else's property?
  • Is an owner of property liable for using deadly force to defend his or her property?
  • What remedies does a railroad worker, who is injured while working, have?
  • What is a slip-and-fall action?
  • Can anyone bring a wrongful death claim?
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