What Does Contingency Fee Mean?

Car accident lawyers' fees for personal injury cases are usually paid on a contingency basis. This means that when we take you on as a client, we don't get paid unless we recover money for you. Our payment for legal fees is contingent or dependent on winning a settlement for our client. That means two things: We're in this fight together, and there's no risk to you in getting stuck with legal fees. We're taking a significant risk when we take on contingency cases. Our costs don't get passed onto you.

Trying Cases Other Firms Won't

Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst has a reputation for being a law firm that will try cases; some won't. This is one of the benefits of working with a larger, more established Oklahoma City firm. We have the resources to take a case to trial when the circumstances warrant this.

That doesn't mean we take every case to trial. In fact, over 90 percent of our cases settle out of court. That means that our clients were satisfied with their negotiated settlements.

As your Oklahoma lawyers, we're taking on the prosecuting of this case to get a result for you. Our goal is to obtain a result that you're satisfied with. You deserve to be fully and fairly compensated for your injury claim. Whether you were injured in an auto accident, have a medical malpractice case or were hurt on the job, we will stand with you as we strive to make this happen.

Our Unique Fee Arrangement

The contingency fee agreement at Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst is unique and client-friendly. We take on injury cases a little differently from other firms. We have a customized stair-step contract, meaning that we charge less if we are able to settle your case sooner than we would charge if we had to go to trial. Our clients appreciate this incentive and option that other firms don't offer, and it ends up being a win-win.

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