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Oklahoma motorcyclists should be able to enjoy riding in the warm summer weather but dangers from other motorists always abound.

While hopping on two wheels and going is easy, staying safe on the road is not always so simple. Motorcyclists in Oklahoma face a myriad of risks when sharing the roads with cars, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles. A single negligent move on the part of a motorist can put a biker at risk of serious injury or even death . The inherent lack of physical protection makes being hit by another vehicle exceptionally dangerous for motorcyclists.

How many bikers die in Oklahoma?

The number of motorcyclist fatalities each year fluctuates of course. In looking at data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over the five years from 2010 to 2014, the number of rider deaths is alarming. For each of these years, the total motorcyclist fatalities ranged from a low of 57 in 2014 to a high of 98 in 2011. In 2013, there were 92 bikers killed on Oklahoma roadways.

Are younger riders more at risk for death?

Many people hold the stereotype that younger drivers are more careless and therefore more apt to be involved in accidents. This belief is often held about drivers of cars and other vehicles as well as motorcycles. However, NHTSA records paint a very different picture.

Specific details about fatalities between 2010 and 2014 include the following:

  • A total of 18 people aged 19 and younger were killed in motorcycle accidents over these five years.
  • Riders in their 20s accounted for 70 death.
  • People in their 30 represented 77 biker fatalities.
  • Among riders in their 40s, 83 people died.
  • Motorcyclists in their 50s experienced the highest number of fatalities with 93.

Among bikers aged 60 and older, a total of 68 lives were lost in the same five-year period.

How often do serious motorcycle accidents occur?

A bike accident can happen anytime, anywhere. Recent news stories highlight several crashes that have affected Oklahoma residents. KOCO reports that an elderly woman hit and killed a biker as she drove out of a parking lot and into the path of the biker. Another rider died in Calera after a car driver pulled out in front of him as well notes KXII.

According to the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise, an accident happened after a car moved into the path of a motorcycle carrying two people. Both were injured and one was even taken by air to a hospital for treatment.

In Arkansas, two Oklahoma residents died after a truck hit them head-on. Arkansas Online explained that the trucker drove across the center line.

How can accident victims get help?

One of the most important things that bikers or their relatives can do after an accident is talk to an attorney. Getting legal advice can help to provide insight into what options exist to seek compensation.

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