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Did Your Baby Suffer Asphyxia During Birth?

If your child suffers a condition known as birth asphyxia, you are probably looking for answers about how it happened. You may also be wondering how you can provide the best possible future for your child.

At the law firm of Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst in Oklahoma City, we have a dedicated legal team to represent families affected by birth asphyxia and other obstetric injuries. If your child suffered an asphyxia due to obstetric malpractice, our lawyers can help you recover the financial resources your family will need to meet the challenges ahead.

Causes And Symptoms Of Birth Asphyxia

Birth asphyxia, also known as perinatal or neonatal asphyxia, is caused by deprivation of oxygen to an infant, usually during the first or second stage of labor.

Symptoms of birth asphyxia may include:

  • Weak breathing
  • Bluish skin color
  • Slow heart rate
  • Poor muscle tone or reflexes
  • Blood acidosis (excess acid is in the blood)
  • Seizures

In many cases, birth asphyxia is a preventable condition that the doctor or delivery staff failed to prevent.

Causes of birth asphyxia may include:

  • Failure of a doctor to diagnose or address maternal or fetal distress
  • Prolonged or difficult labor
  • Failure to perform an emergency C-section
  • Failure to monitor a baby’s heart during labor and delivery
  • Compression of the umbilical cord
  • Failure of a doctor to diagnose or address maternal or fetal distress

The Effect Of Birth Asphyxia On Your Child’s Life

Babies with mild birth asphyxia may be successfully treated. However, the longer a baby goes in a deprived oxygen state, the more likely it is that he or she will suffer permanent disabilities. Oxygen deprivation can cause hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), cerebral palsy and other types of birth injuries.

For More Information About Birth Asphyxia

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