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Fatal crashes at intersection red lights at a 10-year high

Even if you are an extremely conscientious driver, you cannot avoid all road-related risks. Statistics show that your chance of losing your life because of other drivers who run red lights is on the rise. According to the Shawnee News-Star, fatalities caused by people running red lights are at a 10-year high across the nation. The majority of people harmed in red-light-related car wrecks are not the people running the lights in the first place.

In fact, nearly 65% of the victims in red-light-related car crashes are not the offending drivers, emphasizing the fact that there is only so much you can do to mitigate the dangers you face when making your way through intersections.

Avoid these 3 common types of motorcycle accidents

Because Edmond has famously mild autumns, you may be able to ride your motorcycle for two or three more months. Still, while there are more motorcyclists on Oklahoma’s roadways during the summer, motorcycle accidents do not stop in September, October or November. 

According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, 89 motorcycle riders lost their lives on state roadways in 2018. That said, you do not have to die in a riding accident for it to be severe. On the contrary, if you sustain a serious injury, your life may never be the same again. Here are three common types of motorcycle accidents you should avoid: 

Do you need a police report for a fender bender?

The majority of traffic collisions that occur around the United States are minor fender benders. You'd never know it by reading or watching the reports of the most serious wrecks, though. A car in Oklahoma becoming lodged underneath a school bus makes for an enticing read, but it will likely not apply to a car accident you end up in. 

One of the first things you should do after an auto accident involves contacting the police. They should come out to create an official police report. In the event you take your claim to court, this report will serve as an excellent piece of evidence if you are not at fault. However, you may wonder if you need one at all if you are in a minor fender bender. 

UPS buys interest in self-driving truck company

UPS, a long-time supporter of transportation technologies, has jumped on the automated driving bandwagon, with an investment into autonomous trucks. The investment was with TuSimple, which is test-driving tractor-trailers to see if the invention can improve the efficiency of UPS transportation services. These tucks are considered level 4, which means the onboard computer system will be in control at all times during transportation, though current laws regulating these vehicles require that a driver be present and able to take over operations if needed.

Why the need for automated trucking services?

During peak season, UPS often hires third-party trucking services to be able to accommodate the additional packages. The partnership with TuSimple is believed to be able to reduce these costs by up to 30 percent. The new technology is expected to not only help UPS improve fuel efficiency but also customer satisfaction as well.

3 common car accident myths to ignore

Car accidents can be traumatizing events, even when nobody is seriously injured. When fatalities are involved, they can change the lives of surviving loved ones. One Oklahoma woman, Izzy Kitterman, discovered this when a truck accident claimed the lives of some of her family members. After going through physical therapy, she started her own jewelry line where each piece contains a Bible verse that helped her get through the traumatic experience. 

The moments after a car accident are some of the most important. There are plenty of misconceptions that exist that could potentially hurt your claim and affect the compensation you receive. If you ever find yourself in an auto accident, then do not fall for these common myths. 

Why vehicle pileups happen on Oklahoma roadways

Whether you are taking a quick trip to the grocery store or heading out for a long vacation, you want to arrive at your destination safely. Even though many car accidents involve only two vehicles, an increasing number have three or more. 

In early July, Oklahoma City police officers responded to a fatal collision involving three vehicles.  While the accident investigation for that crash is not yet complete, pileups tend to occur for just a few reasons. Here are some of them: 

Safety tips for beginner motorcyclists

If riding a motorcycle is on your bucket list, you are not alone. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, motorcycle purchases and registration are increasing. Motorcycles are attractive since they are fun to ride and cheaper on gas. 

But they can also be dangerous. As a new rider, it is especially important to know the risks you face and prioritize your safety. Your motorcycle does not have any seat belts or airbags, so the consequences of an accident can be severe. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind as you begin riding. 

Ways everyone can share the road

Many of the accidents that happen every day are due to people being distracted or negligent. No driver should have to be reminded they assume responsibility for their own safety, as well as their passengers' and others on the road. Too many, though, think it is themselves against the world out there. And too many bikers and pedestrians think they are protected by laws. Even if they are in some cases, it pays to remember the graveyard is full of people who had the right of way.

If everyone does their part to promote safety, it may be possible to avoid many accidents. Particularly when it comes to sharing the road, there are certain things that everyone using our roads should make conscious efforts to do.

3 driver mistakes that lead to deadly car accidents

Edmond motorists spend several hours a day behind the wheel. The more time spent on the roads, the greater the risk of drivers losing their focus or overlooking something. Though many vehicles have advanced safety features, no system will ever be perfect as long as humans are behind the wheel and auto accidents still occur. 

Many of those incidents lead to serious injuries and property damage. To maximize safety while driving, it is important for motorists to exercise every possible precaution. This includes avoiding unsafe driving behavior at all times. To better understand how to do so, here is a brief overview of the three most common driver mistakes that compromise road safety today. 

Key instances to consult with an accident attorney

After even a minor car accident, it's natural to feel confused about what, exactly, to do next. Calling your insurance agent is probably the first thing most people do, but then what? Just sit back and wait? If you received any injuries during the accident, the stress, confusion and worry may be even worse.

Thankfully, an auto accident claim may be helpful in handling the aftermath of the incident. To aid you in receiving the compensation you deserve, it may be beneficial to speak with an attorney, especially in certain instances.

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