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3 autumn driving hazards

The fall season brings in beautiful leaves and the perfect excuse to wear those warm, comfy sweaters in your closet. However, autumn also brings some unique hazards on the road. As you get ready for the holidays and bundle up with a hot beverage, keep in mind the potential dangers you may encounter when you drive.

Driving in fall can sometimes be risky because of changing weather conditions and shorter days due to daylight savings ending on November 5. Below are some of the hazards to watch out for and how to navigate the roads during this season.

Motorists need to share the road with cyclists

Car crashes range in severity, and most of them do not result in significant injuries. According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, over 53,000 car crashes occurred throughout the state in 2015. 

While most car accidents result in minor injuries, the severity of any wounds increases if one of the victims was on a bicycle. Many car drivers are still unsure of how to adequately share the road with bicyclists. Bicycle riders have just as much of a right to the road as anyone else, and there are several tips for ensuring everyone gets to their destinations safely. 

Underride truck accidents at least as deadly as head-on crashes

When you think about the most serious truck accidents, you probably envision a horrific head-on collision, as do most people. It is certainly true that a head-on truck accident is dangerous and often deadly. However, underride truck crashes are just as serious, if not more so.

What is an underride accident? This kind of crash occurs when a smaller motor vehicle slides underneath a tractor-trailer. As you might expect, underride truck accidents have the potential to flatten the top of smaller vehicles. For passengers and drivers, such an accident is often fatal as it can cause massive head trauma.

Pedestrian accidents are a real risk during Halloween

Both kids and adults alike love Halloween. Oklahoma residents in particular seem to enjoy the holiday because the weather is typically mild. This means more tricks-or-treats than people in many other states get to have.

Everyone should be able to enjoy Halloween, but that does not mean throwing caution to the wind. On the contrary, people of all ages should practice increased caution in order to avoid becoming involved in a pedestrian accident.

Oklahoma has the most uninsured drivers in the nation

Although the law requires all drivers to have state minimum requirements for auto insurance, not everyone complies. In fact, according to the Insurance Information Institute, Oklahoma ranks number one in having the most uninsured drivers. The most recent statistics show that 25.9 percent of Oklahoma motorists do not have coverage.

This means you have a 1 in 4 chance that a driver you get into an accident with will not have insurance. Why does this matter? When you get into an accident, you rely on the insurance of all parties involved to compensate you for the damage to your vehicle and health. No insurance means no financial awards.

3 road conditions that can increase the risk of an accident

You likely pay taxes to your state and county, and a portion of these funds are designated for maintaining and improving the roads you drive on. It is reasonable to expect the responsible jurisdiction to provide a safe driving environment in exchange for the taxes you pay. Sometimes, however, there are road conditions that are dangerous and liable to increase the chances of getting in an accident. Despite conditions that may make driving more dangerous, it is every motorist’s responsibility to drive safely and be proactively aware of the risks that surround them. Consider these three unsafe road conditions, and be on the lookout for them the next time you get behind the wheel:

1. Uneven lanes

Can the same amount of alcohol impair drivers differently?

You can be sure that researchers have been studying the effects of alcohol for decades. Even so, many aspects of alcohol's effects are not clearly understood. Researchers do the best they can and have gleaned a lot of information about the reasons why alcohol affects people in different ways.

Before going forward, never forget that driving under the influence of alcohol always puts Oklahoma City residents at risk of being injured in a drunk driving accident. With that out of the way, here are a few reasons alcohol affects people -- including seasoned motorists -- in different ways.

  • Rate of consumption: Gulping down drinks one right after another will cause a person to get drunk faster because the liver cannot keep up with the amount of alcohol entering the body.
  • Drinking history: A person who drinks a lot on a regular basis may have built an immunity to alcohol's effect. However, regular heavy drinkers can still cause a drunk driving accident.
  • Genetic factors: Unfortunately, some people are born without enough enzymes to break alcohol down, which means they may be more prone to drunkenness.
  • Gender: Because women have less body fluids and more body fat than men do they feel the effects of alcohol more strongly.
  • When food was last consumed: A person who has eaten a meal before or while drinking may not feel the effects of alcohol as intensely as a person who drinks on an empty stomach.

What are car accident damages available in Oklahoma?

Like other states, Oklahoma laws offer victims of car accidents the opportunity to seek compensation when the accident was not their fault. This compensation is invaluable in helping to pay for the costs of medical care as well as some other expenses. These are known as damages and are available to victims under certain circumstances.

Oklahoma offers two basic types of damages: economic damages and noneconomic damages. The economic damages you may pursue include medical expenses, lost wages from missing work and the costs of repairing or replacing your motor vehicle.

3 common dangers from cars that motorcyclists can avoid

You can't avoid a danger if you aren't aware that it exists.

If you're relatively new to motorcycling (or are picking the bike back up again after a long hiatus while the kids were still at home), be aware of these specific dangers:

Do you know these 3 common birth injuries?

You are likely looking forward to giving birth to your child with great anticipation. While your delivery may be smooth and joyous, sometimes complications can occur during pregnancy and delivery. In these circumstances, your baby could become injured. While most deliveries are successful, you should always be prepared if something goes wrong. 

Sometimes birth injuries are due to neglect, inappropriate treatment or other improper care from the doctor. Here are some of the most common birth injuries that may be a result of medical malpractice. 

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