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Take care of yourself emotionally after a car accident

After you suffer an injury in a car crash, the focus is, understandably, on your injury. Some injuries are usually evident to others - broken bones, for example, or internal bleeding that doctors are able to find. Doctors even take serious injuries such as whiplash or back pain that might not show up visibly or on diagnostics.

All of this attention on the physical aspect of your health is good, but it is important to remember to take care of yourself emotionally.

Oklahoma's deadliest types of vehicle accidents

sunset road.jpeg

You probably know someone who has been in a car accident. Maybe you've been in one or two yourself. While a minor rear-end collision at a stop light can be no more than a big annoyance, a major pile-up on the highway can lead to serious injuries and deaths.

How many fatal car accidents occur in Oklahoma?

Bumping your head may be more serious than you think

forgetful man.jpeg

Were you recently in an accident? Did you seek medical care despite having no symptoms? You, like many others, may feel just fine after a car crash, fall or other type of accident. However, failing to see a doctor afterward is particularly dangerous if you hit your head.

According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention, about 2.8 million people suffer from traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) each year. Many don't even know they were injured. Unfortunately, failing to get your head examined (no pun intended) can lead to serious consequences, including:

    Why you should contact the police after a minor car accident

    fender bender.jpeg

    After an auto accident, you should call the police so they can come to the scene to create an official report. Even with minor traffic collisions, you should still have the police come out because the report will be hugely advantageous when you file your insurance claim. 

    You will need to talk to the police, so the officers receive the clearest picture of what happened. However, you need to be mindful of what you say because your words can come back to haunt you later in court. 

    What you can do if someone is in shock after an accident

    dazed boy.jpeg

    As we have outlined in previous posts, there are numerous steps to take after a car accident. These include getting your vehicle out of the way of traffic and contacting law enforcement and insurance companies.

    Before authorities arrive and before you exchange contact information with the other parties, your first priority should be to keep accident victims safe while waiting for the ambulance to get to the scene. But what do you do if someone is seriously hurt and in shock?

    Can you tell when another driver is drunk?

    driving car.jpeg

    You probably encounter a lot of bad drivers during your daily commutes. It is frustrating when a driver cuts you off or starts to veer into your lane. Dealing with foolish motorists is frustrating because they can be truly dangerous.

    But how can you tell the difference between a bad driver and a drunk driver? While they may share some characteristics, there are some obvious signs when drivers are under the influence of alcohol. Here are some ways you can spot impaired drivers:

    Are you concerned about self-driving cars after this fatality?

    driverless car.jpg

    Last month, a self-driving SUV struck and killed a pedestrian. According to reports, the woman was walking her bicycle across a road when an Uber vehicle apparently didn't detect her. The SUV was part of a testing program for the new, autonomous driving technology.

    You may have expressed doubts when the first autonomous and driver-assisted vehicles came on the scene. Many people claim that the technology has not been sufficiently tested and is not quite advanced enough to be safe around the public.

    How do self-driving vehicles work?

    What exactly is "pain and suffering"?

    sad man on bench.jpegIn Oklahoma, you can sue for damages stemming from a car accident in which you suffered an injury. In many cases, you may be able to receive money for medical bills, lost income, medication, ambulance bills, work retraining, and pain and suffering.

    What exactly is pain and suffering, though? How can you prove it one way or the other?

    A car crash can leave you with lasting nerve damage

    As an Oklahoma driver, you know how dangerous Oklahoma's roads and highways can be, especially during rush hour. Auto accidents occur far too frequently, and some of them seriously injure or kill the occupants of the vehicles involved. If you are unfortunate enough to have an auto crash, among the serious injuries you could suffer is nerve damage.

    You probably never thought about it, but you have billions of nerves in your body. While each one serves a specific function, your nerves fall into the following three categories

    1. Autonomic nerves control your body's involuntary internal movements and processes, such as letting you breathe, letting your heart pump blood throughout your body, letting your stomach digest the food you eat and letting your body regulate its internal temperature.
    2. Sensory nerves control your senses, allowing you to see, hear, smell, taste and touch; they also control your ability to feel pain.
    3. Motor nerves control your voluntary movements, such as walking, chewing, swallowing, smiling, shaking hands, picking up a tool, etc.
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