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Whiplash is real and serious

Like most motorists in the Oklahoma City area, you drive carefully. While staying off your cell phone, obeying traffic lights and watching for careless drivers increases your chances of staying safe on the road, you may not be able to avoid an accident forever. If another motorist hits your vehicle, you could sustain serious injuries that may plague you for the rest of your life. 

If you swap paint with another car, you may think you feel fine. You should realize, though, not all injuries show up immediately. In fact, you may not realize you have sustained an injury until hours, days or even weeks after an accident. As such, you should always seek medical treatment to ensure you receive proper care and protect your legal rights. One specific condition you should watch out for is whiplash. 

Your carpel tunnel injury may not be from too much typing

If you are like many others in the Oklahoma City area, you spend a significant amount of time typing on a keyboard. You have probably heard stories about people who develop repetitive stress injuries from too much typing. You may not realize, though, that carpel tunnel syndrome is often common after automobile accidents. 

On the underside of your wrist, there is a channel known as the carpal tunnel. If the nerves in your carpal tunnel compress, you may feel pain, weakness or tingling in your hands. As you may suspect, the condition could limit your ability to do ordinary tasks. It may also cause you to experience a decrease in your quality of life. 

What should you do in the aftermath of a car crash?

Nobody ever gets behind the wheel of a car planning to get into a wreck. At least we all hope not, anyway. But knowing how to handle things at the scene of an accident is often the best step for protecting yourself in the event of medical and legal damages.

Whether it is a fender-bender or a more serious accident, there are steps you should take following a vehicle crash as long as you able to function.

How to avoid an accident with a semitruck

Whether you are driving in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, the panhandle or another part of the state, you know semi-trucks are common on Oklahoma’s roadways. That’s a good thing, as commercial trucks transport the goods that keep the economy moving forward. 

A semi with a full trailer may weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Your vehicle, by contrast, probably weighs between 4,000 and 8,000 pounds. You do not need a degree in physics to realize that a collision with an 18-wheeler could destroy your vehicle and seriously injure you. Therefore, you may want to keep the following four tips in mind to avoid an accident with an large truck you're sharing the road with.  

Staying safe on the roads during the holiday season

The holiday season. While festive for many, unfortunately, at this time of year also means an increase in the number of truck and car collisions. According the online statistical resource, in a typical year during the holiday season, about 340 will lose their lives in car, truck and SUV accidents on the streets of Edmond and across the country. Fortunately, not every motor vehicle accident results in a fatality. But even the chances of you or someone you know ending up in a fender bender is higher this time of year.

Here are some pointers to help you stay safe on the roads this holiday season. 

How common are medical record mix-ups?

Medical malpractice happens in various ways, with mistakes taking place all the way from administrative staff to surgeons. Common causes you may already be aware of are misdiagnosis, incorrect dosage of medication or anesthesia, surgical errors and birth injuries.

Another common one is mixing up medical records. It may sound like something off a sitcom or soap opera, but unfortunately, it happens more often than you may think. The RAND Corporation puts the rate at eight percent, reports STAT news. This number may seem low, but when you consider how many patients there are in the nation, you can see how it is problematic. Also, not everyone reports mix-ups, especially when someone catches the mistake before harm occurs.

How common is substance abuse among truck drivers?

When truckers resort to alcohol or drug abuse while sitting behind the wheel, they endanger you and everyone else on the road, and when cars and commercial trucks collide, the car typically winds up in second place. 

In some cases, per the American Addiction Centers, truckers abuse alcohol and drugs can often be the result of boredom; spending long periods alone on the road. Others use certain substances, such as amphetamines, in an attempt to improve job performance or stay awake to finish a run on time. Regardless of a trucker’s reason for turning to drugs, doing so often has devastating consequences.

3 injuries that may occur when a vehicle rolls

Few types of accidents are as scary and potentially deadly as those involving a rollover. According to Consumer Reports, SUVs are the most likely kinds of cars to roll over, but any car is susceptible, if the circumstances are right.

The following are some of the most common injuries that can result from an accident in which a car rolls, either onto its side or 180 degrees onto its roof. Even in accidents where this does not occur, injuries can be serious and turn into lifelong afflictions if they are not treated properly, so it is imperative to seek medical attention after an accident, no matter how major or minor injuries seem.

Beware of emotional driving

There are many ways drivers become distracted behind the wheel. Texting, eating and applying makeup can all increase a person's likelihood of being in a car crash. However, there is another factor that also causes drivers to become distracted: driving while emotional. 

Research shows driving while incredibly angry, sad or even happy can increase a person's chance of ending up in an accident by 10 times as normal. It is for this reason people should only drive while in a clear state of mind and should pull over if they feel they are a danger to themselves or others. 

Could the city be held liable for your motorcycle crash?

Experienced motorcycle riders are aware of their vulnerability and accustomed to taking necessary precautions, especially at night and in bad weather. However, they cannot always prepare for the unexpected, such as a dangerous spot on the road. What happens if a motorcycle rider crashes because a city street has been poorly maintained?


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