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What you can do if someone is in shock after an accident

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As we have outlined in previous posts, there are numerous steps to take after a car accident. These include getting your vehicle out of the way of traffic and contacting law enforcement and insurance companies.

Before authorities arrive and before you exchange contact information with the other parties, your first priority should be to keep accident victims safe while waiting for the ambulance to get to the scene. But what do you do if someone is seriously hurt and in shock?

Can you tell when another driver is drunk?

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You probably encounter a lot of bad drivers during your daily commutes. It is frustrating when a driver cuts you off or starts to veer into your lane. Dealing with foolish motorists is frustrating because they can be truly dangerous.

But how can you tell the difference between a bad driver and a drunk driver? While they may share some characteristics, there are some obvious signs when drivers are under the influence of alcohol. Here are some ways you can spot impaired drivers:

Are you concerned about self-driving cars after this fatality?

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Last month, a self-driving SUV struck and killed a pedestrian. According to reports, the woman was walking her bicycle across a road when an Uber vehicle apparently didn't detect her. The SUV was part of a testing program for the new, autonomous driving technology.

You may have expressed doubts when the first autonomous and driver-assisted vehicles came on the scene. Many people claim that the technology has not been sufficiently tested and is not quite advanced enough to be safe around the public.

How do self-driving vehicles work?

What exactly is "pain and suffering"?

sad man on bench.jpegIn Oklahoma, you can sue for damages stemming from a car accident in which you suffered an injury. In many cases, you may be able to receive money for medical bills, lost income, medication, ambulance bills, work retraining, and pain and suffering.

What exactly is pain and suffering, though? How can you prove it one way or the other?

A car crash can leave you with lasting nerve damage

As an Oklahoma driver, you know how dangerous Oklahoma's roads and highways can be, especially during rush hour. Auto accidents occur far too frequently, and some of them seriously injure or kill the occupants of the vehicles involved. If you are unfortunate enough to have an auto crash, among the serious injuries you could suffer is nerve damage.

You probably never thought about it, but you have billions of nerves in your body. While each one serves a specific function, your nerves fall into the following three categories

  1. Autonomic nerves control your body's involuntary internal movements and processes, such as letting you breathe, letting your heart pump blood throughout your body, letting your stomach digest the food you eat and letting your body regulate its internal temperature.
  2. Sensory nerves control your senses, allowing you to see, hear, smell, taste and touch; they also control your ability to feel pain.
  3. Motor nerves control your voluntary movements, such as walking, chewing, swallowing, smiling, shaking hands, picking up a tool, etc.

Car crashes and traumatic brain injuries

As an Oklahoma driver, you know that vehicle crashes are an all too common occurrence. But what you may not know is that auto accidents are a significant cause of traumatic brain injuries. These devastating injuries can result in long-term or even permanent brain dysfunction. Many TBI victims faced ongoing medical, rehabilitation and assisted living costs that are as catastrophic as the injury itself.

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 2 million Americans receive a TBI annually, 14.3 percent of which are caused by traffic accidents. This translates to 286,000 people each year suffering a crash-related TBI. As alarming as this statistic is, however, it may be only the tip of the iceberg. TBI symptoms often do not appear until days or even weeks after the auto accident. In addition, each TBI is unique in terms of the precise brain damage it causes. Symptoms can vary from victim to victim.

Tips for picking out a car seat

Oklahoma law requires that car seats be used for children younger than eight. Their necessity is obvious, as they dramatically reduce the risk of children dying in a car crash. For example, they prevent ejection and safeguard critical areas such as your child's head. Yet as many as four out of five seats are used incorrectly. So, when you are in the market for a car seat, one of your primary considerations is probably the ease of use. If a seat gives you too much trouble, another one may serve you better.

Here is a look at some other tips to help you choose a car seat.

Are you accidentally uninsured or underinsured?

Many drivers are uninsured. In fact, the number could be as high as 13 percent of all drivers, says the Insurance Research Council. Sometimes, drivers go uninsured out of economic necessity. That is, they feel they cannot afford car insurance or prioritize other bills ahead of insurance. Sometimes, a driver is uninsured because he or she simply does not care about that.

Other times, though, a driver becomes uninsured accidentally, and it can be quite dismaying when you get into an accident to learn that you are actually uninsured.

Drug-related fatal crashes skyrocketing in Oklahoma

While you might consider yourself one of Oklahoma’s most conscientious drivers, there is only so much you can do when others choose not to follow the rules of the road. While there has been great documentation of the dangers of drinking alcohol and then getting behind the wheel, and there has been for years, drugged driving tends to receive less attention. However, it, too, is a problem that places you and everyone else on the roadway at risk.

Just how serious is Oklahoma’s drugged driving problem?

Multiple-car accident victims in Oklahoma may merit compensation

The busy interstate freeway I-40 is a major east-west corridor that covers the length of the United States from California through to North Carolina and crosses the length of Oklahoma for 331 miles from Texas to Arkansas. The redesigned I-40 Oklahoma City Crosstown Expressway alone, a five-mile stretch running through the city with 10 lanes of traffic, can carry over 170,000 vehicles per day traveling at speeds of 60 mph.

Clearly, the traffic volume in such a large U.S. city means accidents occur, and when they do, they are often quite serious. If you sustained a serious injury as a result of a freeway accident, you may have a right to compensation for your injuries under the law.

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