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Dozens of Oklahoma City parents likely breathed sighs of relief when they learned that no children were seriously injured after a pickup truck collided with a school bus en route to Surrey Hills Elementary. The accident occurred the morning of Dec. 12 when a truck occupied by two teenagers apparently turned in front of the bus. Reportedly, about 40 kids were on the bus at the time of the collision.

A news report doesn’t indicate the precise cause of the crash, though turning in front of an oncoming vehicle is often attributed to some form of negligence. Some children did suffer minor cuts and abrasions, and those kids received treatment at the accident site. None of the children on the bus were taken to the hospital.

However, the two teenagers in the truck were treated at a hospital for injuries that were not thought to be serious.

We might assume that busses are a relatively safe mode of transportation for students, but clearly accidents do occur. When a child is involved in a bus accident, parents should be alert for signs of injury that may not be apparent in the immediate aftermath of the crash. While children might not initially complain of pain or discomfort, symptoms of injuries caused by a bus accident sometimes arise later.

If medical care is necessary after an auto accident of any kind, it is important that injured parties (or, in this case, the injured parties’ parents) keep track of all billing statements. This information, in addition to the calculation of any necessary medical care in the future, can help victims of driver negligence receive the full amount of due compensation for injuries.

Source: News 9, “No Serious Injuries In Yukon School Bus Crash In NW OKC,” Dec. 12, 2013