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A car accident can have a serious toll on anyone. Drivers should ensure that they are focused, sober and attentive behind the wheel.

However, one family in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was recently alarmed after a car crashed into their bathroom like a wrecking ball. The crash injured the driver as well as a 48-year-old man taking a bath at the time of the crash.

Drowsiness was apparently a factor in the car accident. The driver of the car stated that he only had one hour of sleep and was on his way to a friend’s home. He said that he fell asleep behind the wheel and must have hit the gas pedal and drove right into the bathroom of the victim’s family.

Emergency responders needed to extricate the victim from the bathtub. The car accident victim was transported to the OU Medical center and listed in serious condition. His condition improved several hours later. The victim’s family is finding another place to stay because of the crash damage to the victim’s bedroom, plumbing and bathroom. The Oklahoma City Police continue to investigate the car accident.

Car accidents as a result of driver’s lack of sleep are quite common. In fact, the American Automobile Association Foundation stated that 41 percent of drivers admitted that they have fallen asleep behind the wheel. Also, approximately 16.5 percent of deadly accidents involved a fatigued driver.

Although the recent car crash in Oklahoma City involving a fatigued driver did not result in a fatality, property damages and injuries may affect the victim and the rest of the family, both emotionally and financially. Fortunately, there are legal options available that could hold an alleged negligent driver accountable for the damages.

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