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A rear-end accident involving two vehicles in Oklahoma City may cause significant damage to the vehicle that is struck from the back. However, if the vehicle that was rear-ended was a motorcycle, the outcome could be tragic.

For example, a rear-end accident involving a motorcycle and car has resulted in a fatality. According to a report, two people from Oklahoma were involved in a car-motorcycle accident while stopped and waiting to make a left turn. The victims were riding a motorcycle and were stopped in traffic when a 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt rear-ended them. Following the collision, the 52-year-old motorcyclist was knocked off the motorcycle and into the path of another pick-up truck. He was declared dead at the scene. A 52-year-old female passenger who was also on the motorcycle received serious injuries.

A 68-year-old female was the driver of the Chevrolet, while a 17-year-old man was the person behind the wheel of the pickup truck. All drivers involved were tested for alcohol. The motorcycle accident remains under investigation.

Riding a motorcycle can seem unsafe whenever we read about another motorcyclist who is hurt or fatally injured in a car-motorcycle accident, even though drivers and motorcyclists follow the same traffic rules and regulations. However, car drivers must be more cautious when sharing the road with motorcycles. This extra degree of motorcycle awareness may not only avoid collisions but also prevent injuries, which may be fatal to a rider.

It is also important for drivers to maintain an adequate space between their vehicle and any other vehicle in front of them. Doing so should allow a driver to stop without colliding into another car or motorcyclist.

Any driver who rear-ends another driver is usually blamed for the accident. In the case of a fatal motorcycle accident, proving a driver’s negligence could be very significant if a plaintiff is considering a wrongful death lawsuit.

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