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Knowing that one of your loved one was killed in a fatal car accident is certainly terrifying and upsetting. But if the incident involved a hit-and-run driver, the victim’s family’s pain is even more acute since they may never find out who was the driver responsible for the car crash.

But one Oklahoma family who thought they may never find out who was responsible for the death of their loved in February recently received good news. Local authorities telephoned them just to let them know that a suspect in the alleged hit-and-run was taken into custody. According to the report, police arrested an Oklahoma man and have charged him with manslaughter. The arrest was made after police received an anonymous tip that led them to a house and the suspect. At the house, authorities located a white van that could be the vehicle that hit the elderly woman last February.

The fatal car accident occurred when a van struck a woman as she crossed the street at Lewis and 3rd in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was using her walker at the time. The driver of the van drove away and unfortunately escaped from the accident scene. A surveillance camera reportedly captured the incident. While the manslaughter charge issued against the alleged hit-and-run driver gives the victim’s family a sense of closure, family members still believe that the charges against the driver are not strong enough.

When a car strikes a pedestrian, it is the responsibility of the driver to notify the police about the incident and remain at the scene. Leaving the scene can have extreme negative consequences for driver. Drivers involved in a hit-and-run accident may face severe criminal penalties, but the consequences are far greater on the victim’s family, who may choose to also pursue a civil lawsuit. A wrongful death lawsuit may help the family obtain a degree of justice. This legal action can seek to hold the alleged hit-and-run driver liable for damages including funeral expenses, hospital bills and emotional trauma.

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