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Truck drivers should do whatever they can to avoid accidents whether they involve other vehicles or pedestrians. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. When a tractor-trailer accident occurs, a driver is obliged to render aid if possible and to report the incident to law enforcement immediately. Under no circumstances should a driver leave the accident scene.

Unfortunately, that seems to be what happened in a recent fatal truck accident. According to the Arkansas State Police, a 42-year-old Oklahoma City woman was hit and killed by a tractor-trailer sometime during the night on an Arkansas highway near the Texas border. Her body was found in the middle of Arkansas Highway 32 around 3 a.m. near Ashdown.

Authorities reported that a truck driver called Arkansas State Police after hearing another truck driver say he thought he hit something on the road but was not certain. The state police located the truck in North Little Rock a few hours later. One investigator said the truck shows damage, presumably evidence that it hit something, possibly the victim. Police have not arrested anyone and are continuing their accident investigation.

The road is dangerous for both pedestrians and motorists when large commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailers and 18-wheelers are around. Because trucks are larger and heavier, mere impact can destroy passenger vehicles and easily kill pedestrians. For this reason, truck drivers are expected to pay more attention to their driving, traffic signs and signals and blind spots as well as other vehicles.

When truck drivers do not pay attention, they can be held responsible for injuries and fatalities. In an event that negligence is a factor in a truck accident, a driver can be held liable for damages incurred by victims and their family. Compensation may cover medical expenses, funeral costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and punitive damages. The loved ones of the deceased could file a wrongful death suit against the negligent driver. This could result in a monetary award that could be utilized to cover the resulting expenses and damages.

Source: Courier News “Driver in crash that killed Oklahoma woman found,” May 23, 2014