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Oklahoma City residents would agree that a pedestrian hit by a car is usually bad news for the pedestrian. In addition to immense pain and suffering, a victim of an auto-versus-pedestrian accident also has to deal with significant expenses for adequate medical treatment. Additional financial challenges may also arise from lost wages and employment benefits. Not only are victims affected by an accident but, in a number of cases, the victim’s family also has to bear the brunt of the accident, especially if the victim happens to be the sole breadwinner.

In a recent pedestrian-car accident in Oklahoma City, a woman was seriously injured in the collision which happened on a busy city expressway. Emergency workers responded to the scene and the woman was transported to a hospital. Eastbound lanes of the expressway were shut down for a long while. The cause of the accident could not be determined immediately.

Every year, a large number of people are injured in auto accidents in Oklahoma. While many accidents cause minor injuries, such as a few cuts and bruises; some accidents have more serious consequences, such as multiple broken bones and deep lacerations. Some accidents have the gravest consequence of all, claiming the lives of one or more people. Whatever the outcome of an accident, it is never a pleasant experience and one that does not have to be suffered alone.

According to Oklahoma law, a victim of a car accident is entitled to monetary compensation from the insurance company or at-fault driver, if guilt can be proven. However, dealing with representatives from the insurance company or the other driver may be difficult for the victim, especially if he or she suffered traumatic injury. In such situations, guidance from an experienced Edmund personal injury attorney may prove valuable to the victim.

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