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Car accidents can happen anywhere, but especially in high-volume traffic areas of big cities, such as Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. When a car crash occurs, it often results in damaged property and injuries to those involved. Injuries suffered in a car accident can result in temporary or permanent disability or, in some severe cases, fatalities. When two cars collide, there is a strong possibility that negligence was a contributing factor. If this is the case, someone can be held liable for the victim’s damages.

In Bethany, Oklahoma, one man was arrested following a multiple auto accident that killed one man. The man who police believe caused the accident is suspected of driving while impaired. Based on a report, five cars and a truck were involved in the collision with one vehicle becoming engulfed in flames as a result of the crash. The driver, who was taken into custody after the crash, may face a first-degree manslaughter charge for the death of another driver.

Drunk driving is one form of driver negligence. A drunk driver who causes a car collision can be held liable for a victim’s medical expenses and other related losses. In such a case, a car accident victim should note that he or she may receive compensation once it has been satisfactorily shown in court that the driver who caused the crash was driving while impaired. In some cases, parties can avoid trial by negotiating for a fair and just settlement. However, if the parties are not willing to negotiate, the case is likely to end up in court.

A personal injury claim can arise from a car accident that resulted in personal injury. A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed for cases where the collision led to a person’s demise. Both lawsuits may require legal assistance in order to put forth the best case possible and give a victim a solid chance at recovering the compensation he or she deserves.

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