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Collisions between motor vehicles are, unfortunately, common throughout Oklahoma, often resulting in serious injuries and fatalities. In any accident involving injury or death, the question of who was responsible will likely be raised. Those who survive a collision often have different views about how and why the accident happened, but it is usually up to investigators to put the pieces of the accident puzzle together and determine the exact cause of the crash.

Investigators in Tulsa are fairly certain they know what led to a recent fatal car accident that killed two sisters, ages 12 and 16. According to police, a suspected drunken driver caused the crash following an evening of drinking at different bars in the area. The suspected drunken driver was seen driving her sport utility vehicle at high speed before striking a car containing five people.

In addition to the sisters who were killed, the car’s 18-year-old driver suffered minor injuries, an 8-month-old infant suffered a skull fracture, and her mother suffered a concussion, a punctured lung and a broken tailbone. Both mother and child are listed in stable condition at an area hospital. The suspected drunken driver, a 38-year-old woman, now faces a variety of criminal charges aside from drunken driving, including two counts of homicide.

When an accident most likely resulted from one party’s negligence, then those who suffered injuries may be entitled to compensation. In the event someone dies, the victim’s surviving family members may also be awarded compensation from the responsible party. These awards are possible through personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. The claims, if handled properly, can bring maximum compensation to the victims and their families, allowing those injured to obtain the medical care they need and recoup lost wages, while the relatives who are tragically killed in an accident might obtain both financial redress and some sense of justice for their loss.

Source: News On 6, “Tulsa Police: two sisters dead in wreck with drunk driver,” Aug. 11, 2014

Source: News On 6, “Tulsa Police: two sisters dead in wreck with drunk driver,” Aug. 11, 2014