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Trucks are used by various industries throughout the United States for transporting goods from one place to another. Here in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, driving next to a big rig is a normal occurrence. The only thing that scares most motorists is the probability of being involved in an accident with a truck.

Commercial trucks are up to 40 times heavier than common motor vehicles, such as cars. For this reason, trucks are capable of causing severe injuries and fatalities to passenger vehicle drivers and their passengers in the event of an accident. Truck accident victims often sustain debilitating injuries, including, but not limited to, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, paralysis and brain injuries. These injuries often require extensive medical treatment, therapy and rehabilitation. Anyone who has been injured in a trucking accident should know that like other types of traffic accidents, truck accidents are governed by the law of negligence. If there is substantial evidence that can prove that the truck driver failed to exercise due caution prior to the collision, a victim may be able to seek compensation through a personal injury claim.

For more than 30 years, our firm has helped many truck accident victims obtain the compensation that they deserve for their injuries. We understand that due to costly medical expenses, recovering from a truck accident can be difficult. Corrective surgeries, therapy, and rehabilitation are not all covered by the victim’s insurance, which is why it is important to seek damages from the responsible parties. In truck accidents, truck drivers are not the only ones who can be held liable. The trucking company, employer, and contractors can all be held liable if proven to be negligent in causing the accident at issue.

To learn more about truck accidents and personal injury claims, you may visit our website, which contains some basic information about the law. You also may wish to speak with our team of legal professionals if you have questions about ways to obtain compensation.