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Oklahomans rely heavily on their cars for daily transportation. Because cars make up the majority of vehicles on the road, they are often involved in collisions with cars and other vehicles. Oklahomans may also know that car accidents can give rise to personal and wrongful death claims. These claims allow the injured parties to recover damages based on their losses. As a driver, you need to educate yourself regarding auto accidents and some common causes. Doing so can help prevent car accidents that can often lead to catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

Drunk driving is one of the common causes of car accidents. In 2013, approximately one million drunk driving-related crashes resulted in injuries. Drivers who had consumed alcohol before they were involved in a collision can be held liable if the accident caused injuries or fatalities to other individuals. If you were involved in a drunk driving crash, you can cite the negligence of the drunk driver in your personal injury lawsuit. The lawsuit can state that the accident could have been prevented if the defendant had not consumed alcohol prior to the collision. Alcohol impairs a persons’ mind, making that person prone to irrational decisions.

Another common cause of car collisions is reckless driving. When a driver speeds below or above the speed limit, that driver could be acting recklessly, putting other lives at risk. If a reckless driver collided with your vehicle, that driver can be held liable for your medical expenses and other related losses.

If you were injured in a car accident, you have to understand that such cases are governed by the law of negligence. A legal professional who handles personal injury claims can help you understand the basic of tort claims or file a claim on your behalf. Either way, the goal of the legal professional is to assist you in recovering damages that can compensate you for your losses.

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