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Trucks used by various industries in the United States are considered commercial vehicles. These “big rigs,” such as delivery trucks seen in and around Edmunds, Oklahoma, are large and weigh more than 10,000 pounds. Considering the size and weight of these trucks, it is easy to see why these vehicles are capable of causing severe damage to property and catastrophic injuries to people in the event of a commercial vehicle accident. The latest crash data from the National Traffic Safety Administration sheds some light on commercial vehicle accidents.

The data quantified accidents involving large trucks and stated that more than100,000 people were injured and almost 4,000 people were killed in 2012 and, for that same year, an estimated 333,000 large trucks were involved in motor vehicle accidents. In 2011, truck accidents resulted in almost 3,800 fatalities, which makes that a 4 percent increase for 2012. Occupants of other vehicles combined with large truck occupants made up the total number of fatalities. In 2011, 88,000 people were injured in crashes involving these types of trucks. Of the total number of injured people in 2012, 24 percent were truck occupants, 3 percent were non-occupants and the remaining were occupants of other motor vehicles.

Our readers should note that truck drivers are not automatically held liable in the event of collisions. Each party’s contribution to the crash is determined before authorities decide which driver should be held most responsible.

Oklahoma truck drivers who acted recklessly prior to a collision may be held liable if they were involved in a collision that resulted in injuries or deaths.

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