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Standing With You

There are many types of conduct that Oklahoma law expressly bans drivers from engaging in when they are driving in the state. Later this year, texting while driving will be among these types of conduct.

This is due to something that happened this week. Yesterday, the state’s governor signed a bill containing a texting-while-driving ban (House Bill 1965) into law. The ban will go into effect on Nov. 1 of this year.

Under the ban, it will be illegal for drivers in the state to text while they are operating a motor vehicle. Once the ban takes effect, engaging in this conduct will be a primary offense punishable by a $100 fine.

What are your opinions on this new law? Are you glad that texting while driving will soon be illegal in Oklahoma? How strongly do you think the ban will be enforced once it comes into effect? Do you think texting-while-driving will become less common among drivers in the state once the ban takes effect? Do you think Oklahoma will see a drop in distracted driving accidents as a result of the ban? Are there any other distracted driving behaviors that you think Oklahoma should add to list of driver behaviors that are directly prohibited by state law?

Innocent drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists can end up being subjected to the horrors of auto accidents and resulting injuries when individuals here Oklahoma permit themselves to be distracted by texting or other things when driving. Attorneys can help Oklahomans who have been injured by a distracted driver review their options for pursuing legal remedies.

Source: KSWO, “Governor Falling signs bill banning texting while driving,” May 5, 2015