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A recent study by the National Safety Council indicates that the U.S. has been experiencing a worrisome traffic safety trend as of recent. This trend is an increase in traffic fatalities.

According to the study, the country’s traffic fatality total for the period going from October 2014 to March 2015 was 17,820. This a fair degree higher than the total from October 2013 to March 2014, which was 16,531.

A year-over-year increase in auto accident fatalities is always a cause for concern. This one is particularly concerning given that we are entering summer.

Summer tends to be one of the deadlier seasons out on the roads. A couple of examples of types of accidents that there tend to be upticks in during the summer are alcohol-related accidents and speeding accidents.

Some worry that the recent rise in auto accident fatalities, along with things like an improving economy, high expected amounts of vacation travel this summer and relatively low gas prices, could point to this summer potentially being even more deadly out the roads than is typical for the season.

Thus, one hopes that all Oklahoma drivers will do what they can to keep things as safe as possible out on the state’s roads this summer. Safety steps that it can be important to take when driving in the summer, and in any season for that matter, include: obeying the speed limit and other traffic rules, staying off one’s phone and avoiding other distracting things, only driving when sober and taking breaks on long car trips when needed to avoid fatigued driving.

In any season, fatal traffic crashes can be massively impactful on the families of the victims. Legal action is sometimes able to help such families with some of these impacts, such as financial impacts. Attorneys can help families of fatal crash victims look into the possibility of legal action.   

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