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Standing With You

Sometimes we ride with a driver who does not practice defensive driving and indeed we have probably all been guilty of relaxing our guard just enough while driving, assuming other drivers were practicing the same caution as we were. And then you come across a story like this and it erases any shadow of a doubt.

A man in Maryland was stopped and charged with drunk driving twice in the same night.

Around one a.m. on a recent June night, police stopped a man, charged him with drunk driving and then released him into the custody of his wife. Amazingly, just a couple of hours later, authorities saw the man driving erratically again, hitting curbs and veering into other lanes on Route 193. Police pulled him over again and he was charged again for drunk driving. In both instances, he was tested and found to be at least double the legal blood alcohol limit, which stands at 0.08.

It may be hard to understand how one man could rationalize getting behind the wheel while intoxicated in the first place, but to do it twice in the same night almost borders on absurdity. Sadly, a case like this just goes to prove how much drinking can impair your judgment. That’s the reason why many people choose to drive after having one or two drinks: the alcohol tells them that they’re OK to drive when in fact they aren’t. Those poor decisions put everyone at risk.

Thankfully, in this case, the police got the driver before he could do any damage. Of course, that’s not always the case and people are injured and killed as a result. When that happens, victims can consult with an attorney, who may be able to help them get compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses and loss of wages.

Source:, “Man arrested for drunk driving twice in one night,” Julie Zauzmer, June 15, 2015