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The Fourth of July weekend is a time to celebrate our great country and remember the sacrifices others have made so we can have the freedoms we enjoy. Many choose the holiday weekend to drink and enjoy the fireworks shows and live music that most towns in Oklahoma offer. Sadly, many of these revellers also choose to get behind the wheel inebriated or make bad choices by speeding or driving distracted. No one is more affected by this than motorcycle drivers, who have no outer structure to protect them from collisions. This past Fourth of July weekend was no different.

Three separate motorcycle accidents on Oklahoma roads led to three fatalities on the holiday weekend. On July 4, one motorcyclist was thrown 25 feet when his Yamaha was hit by a Dodge truck. The driver of the motorcycle was pronounced dead by authorities at the scene of the accident. The reason for the crash is being investigated.

In another incident, a man was riding an Indian motorcycle near Guthrie when the motorcycle was hit from behind. The motorcycle was stopped at an intersection when a Ford Taurus slammed into the motorcycle. A female passenger on the motorcycle was killed as a result of the crash. There is no word whether the driver of the Taurus was drunk or distracted, but one trooper indicated that he was driving too closely.

Another motorcyclist died when he lost control over his motorcycle. The initial indication was that he was traveling too fast, but there was no word whether the motorcycle itself may have malfunctioned due to a defect, as is sometimes the case.

Victims of motorcycle accidents like these may want to speak with an attorney to determine if they may be eligible for compensation.

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