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It’s an obvious thing to say, but every driver wants to avoid accidents of any type, because even the most minor fender benders can ruin your day with phone calls, repair shops and the inevitable dealings with the insurance company. So, while no accident is a picnic, there’s one type that is usually head and shoulders above the rest in terms of injury and damage. Truck accidents can be the most catastrophic, for reasons that are obvious.

First, they are massive, often dwarfing a passenger vehicle by a ratio of 10 to one. And, while most drivers make an effort to be safe, sometimes the nature of the job makes them take unnecessary risks like driving fatigued or distracted.

A pickup truck and a small passenger car were reduced to a flattened pile of metal after an accident involving a tractor trailer in late June. The tractor trailer overturned in the morning hours of June 30, landing on the pickup and passenger car, just missing a nearby construction worker and coming to a rest at a used car lot, but not before damaging six of the lot’s cars. The construction worker and the driver of the car were injured and taken to the hospital, while the driver of the pickup truck was airlifted for treatment and is in critical condition. The person driving the semi was not hurt.

Although this accident took place in Pennsylvania, it could have happened in Oklahoma or anywhere.

Police are conducting an investigation into the crash, but it’s important to keep in mind that, even if no criminal charges are filed, it doesn’t mean the victims can’t file a suit in civil court. An attorney can look into the matter and may be able to help victims get compensation.

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