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We would all like to believe that some of the recent initiatives to reduce the occurrence of drunk driving are working. However, finding out the national average is still 30 deaths a day could make a person think they are not. As scary as that number sounds, it’s nice to report that here in Oklahoma at least, alcohol related crashes are on the decline. Since 2012 the number of auto accidents attributed to alcohol have dropped by over 700. That is a lot of lives spared, money saved and damage avoided.

For many individuals, both here in Oklahoma and around the nation, a reduction in crashes, however great, only shows that there are still crashes to report. For individuals, families and friends impacted by a drunk driver, even one accident is too many. Unfortunately even the initiatives to build awareness and combat drunk driving have been sparked by victims themselves and their families. This just goes to show that the damage a drunk driver causes can reach far beyond the crash site and has the force to impact entire lives.

As advocates for accident victims, we here at Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst see firsthand the destruction and emotional toll these senseless acts create. Many times an individual may look at drunk driving statistics and think the situation is not that bad, until they become a victim. That is why we do what we do. We understand that although alcohol related accidents are on the decline, 700 crashes avoided still means thousands are not.