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Death is shocking enough, but death for an unknown reason is even more shocking. Police are investigating a motorcycle accident that claimed the life of one and injured another, in Midwest City, Oklahoma. What initially was reported as a single vehicle fatality, as it was unknown if other vehicles were involved in the crash.

Passersby noticed the overturned motorcycle in a Midwest City intersection late on a Saturday evening. When officers arrived at the scene the assumed driver was deceased. Officers then dispatched for transport to take the injured passenger to a local hospital. Although the circumstances of the fatal accident are in speculation, authorities are working to identify the cause. As with most accidents, many aspects of the crash site and conditions have to be taken into account before the cause of the crash can be determined.

In accidents such as this one, where there is initially no identifiable cause, family members and friends, like authorities, are likely searching for clues as to how or why this tragedy happened. In most cases one can only hope, that after the investigation is complete, a reason may be given for why a life or lives have been lost, and others hang in the balance.

The victims of motorcycle accidents and their families often choose to seek legal counsel after suffering injury or loss. Once authorities have done their part, a skilled injury attorney may be able to take over and ensure the victims’ rights stay protected and, in the case of accidents where the fault lies with someone else, fair compensation is awarded.

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