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Violence knows no boundaries or prejudice. When we come face to face with violence, it affects all of us equally. For some, it is because of the life choices they have made. For others, it is because of choices outside their control. Either way, violent acts affect everyone involved, and when you mix violence with cars, speed and anger, you have nothing short of disaster.

An expectant mother and her unborn child fell victim to violence in Oklahoma, when she and the driver of the car she was a passenger in were involved in a hit-and-run accident, following an altercation at a Del City gas station. Not typical of other hit and run accidents, the fatal result came when their vehicle lost control and slammed into a tree after a high-speed chase with their assailants.

Del City authorities said the crash caused instantaneous death to the expectant mother and her unborn child. Upon the crash, the assailants then beat the driver while the expecting mother lay fatally injured in the passenger seat. Shortly after the crash passersby stopped to offer assistance, and the assailants fled the scene. The police were then called to find the driver beaten and the passenger dead.

Although the nature of the altercation is not known, police suspect it may be drug related, as the driver and expectant mother both had a history of drug-related criminal charges. Although any loss of life is terrible, the child is the real victim in this disturbing act of violence. Hit and run accidents are senseless enough, but when they lead to the death of a child, they are even more so.

Source:, “Police: Pregnant woman killed in hit-and-run crash in Del City,” Ariana Garza, Aug. 21, 2015