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While Oklahoma highways are filled with commuters making their way to and from work, some may have been surprised recently to see a fellow driver on the shoulder zipping past traffic and chased by police. Many Oklahoma travelers got to witness a high-speed chase and crash on a Monday afternoon when a woman fled police because of a traffic violation.

The driver, an unknown woman, fled police and gave chase at speeds of over 100 miles per hour. The pursuing officer was in an Oklahoma Highway Patrol vehicle and followed the speeding car from southwest Oklahoma City to New Castle. The officer was forced to stop after the rear tire on his SUV blew while in pursuit. A news chopper stayed in air pursuit of the vehicle. The driver then continued down the highway at dangerous speeds until she lost control of her car and flipped multiple times before coming to a stop.

As shocking as the crash was for onlookers, what was even more shocking was to see the driver jump from the wreckage and flee on foot. The woman did not get far before being apprehended by police and taken into custody. Although the driver only suffered minor injuries, she had a passenger in the vehicle that required medical attention.

It is unknown, what the violation was that prompted the driver to flee from police, but her decision to do so caused injury to her passenger and could have caused injury to others. Reckless driving is responsible for death, injury and property damage every year. If you have suffered an injury or loss because of someone’s decision to drive recklessly, you may benefit from speaking to a personal injury attorney.

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