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Standing With You

Two Oklahoma brothers will stand trial for the hit-and-run accident that killed one pedestrian and injured another in a June crash. According to reports, the brothers ages 19 and 21 had been drinking beer prior to the accident that happened in the early morning hours after they made a trip to a convenience store.

The victims, two teenage girls, had also been to the convenience store in the early morning hours but left on foot. The younger of the two brothers was driving a pickup truck with his brother as a passenger when they struck the two girls before going through a fence and then into a field.

The two men told authorities that they didn’t know they hit anyone but admitted to being intoxicated. According to reports, their version of what happened in the moments leading up to and immediately after the crash changed several times.

The mother of the two men is also facing charges of being an accessory to the crime. According to authorities, the truck driven by the two brothers had headlight, grill and hood damage and the wallet of one of the men was found at the scene. The men fled the scene of the accident only to return later with their mother in her SUV where the younger of the two men hid from police on the floorboard. Replacement parts for the broken headlight were also found in the mother’s vehicle.

Although the attorney for the two brothers believes they are being overcharged with second-degree murder, the family members of the two victims are happy with the news. And while even a conviction cannot bring the young woman back or repair her friends injuries, knowing that these two men are being held accountable for their poor decisions may help make others in their position think twice before driving drunk.

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