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Each year, countless individuals are injured or killed at the hands of a drunk driver. A person’s decision to drive while under the influence may not seem like a big deal at the time but can, and often does, have disastrous consequences.

The CDC offers recommendations for reducing the number of alcohol-related crashes in the U.S. However, many of these suggestions are already in use, and the number of alcohol-related crashes is not much lower. Perhaps these recommendations are not enough when all of the suggested measures have been taken, and drunk driving deaths are still a concern.

Throughout the U.S., BAC, zero tolerance and drinking age laws are strictly enforced. DUI offenders can face license suspensions, revocations, penalties and jail time. Community and school-based educational courses are offered in countless cities across the nation, and authorities even enforce sobriety checkpoints and zero tolerance initiatives during high volume holidays. With so many anti-drunk driving measures being taken, it is a surprise that so many alcohol-related crashes still occur.

One effective measure that is not often discussed is a victim’s right to hold a DUI offender legally accountable. Victims of drunk drivers should have a voice in the fight against negligence. Those that wish to exercise their right to compensation and justice may want to speak to a personal injury attorney. By holding drunk drivers accountable for their negligence, those injured may set an example for the community that will force others to think twice before getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.