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Daily commuters of Oklahoma’s major interchanges and roadways may see a change in the future of the state’s transportation landscape. In an attempt to make Oklahoma’s roadways safer, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation have worked with the governor to identify problematic areas and possible solutions. In a recent article, the Driving Forward plan has been named as an answer to Oklahoma’s unsafe roadways.

The Driving Forward plan is a transportation overhaul that consists of a series of turnpike projects that are meant to repair and improve the Oklahoma transportation system. These developments will likely improve congestion and the overall ease of access to other roadways. The agencies working on this plan are hoping that the suggested improvements will reduce the number of accidents on Oklahoma’s highways while saving the state money related to these expenses.

According to the article, in the last 10 years there have been over 6,600 accidents on Interstate 35 alone. On another concerning roadway, there has been 1,600 accidents and several more deaths. The agencies involved want to address future traffic safety issues by planning ahead and using past statistics to anticipate future need.

While the Driving Forward plan will alleviate some of the major safety issues on Oklahoma’s roadways, completion of the project is likely several years away. Until then, daily commuters are at risk for accident and injury on these busy and extremely dangerous roads. While many drivers may practice safe driving techniques, there is no way to plan for the negligence of others. Drivers that have been injured because of the recklessness of another driver should consider speaking to a personal injury attorney.

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