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Standing With You

As we enter into our summer season and put a close on one 3-day weekend appreciating those who laid down their lives for our freedom, we should take pause and appreciate what that means and how we should respect the life we have.

With gas prices dropping lower than they have been in a decade, more people are taking to the roads, enjoying vacations and weekend trips. Memorial Day is a time to remember the fallen and it is a commencement into the season in which traffic fatalities abound. While numbers are still not out for 2016, the National Safety Council just reported that an estimated 439 Americans will have lost their lives on the road over the Memorial Day weekend. If that is close to accurate that is the highest number of deaths since 2009 and when compared to 2014, is an increase of approximately 100.

But not all accidents end in fatalities. There are many who live with lives forever altered, hindered by missing limbs, permanently connected to machines they rely on for life or otherwise physically or mentally impaired. The same safety council estimated that more than 50 thousand people will face serious injury in this one weekend.

If you were hurt in a car accident over the Memorial Day weekend, you and your loved ones are likely dealing with the new realities. Medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and vehicle repairs; it all stacks up and only serves to add to the burden of recovery. If the accident was caused by a factor that was outside of your control, you could have grounds for significant compensation. An Oklahoma accident attorney can review your case and may be able to provide you with the help you need the most.

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