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If you have suffered from a car accident, you may be entitled to get compensation from those who are at fault. Getting injured in a car accident implies a financial burden on you in the shape of medical bills, property damage and lost wages. Like with any personal injury claim, if your claim is valid you may be compensated for the damages. Each case is unique. Unfortunately, there is no fixed formula to determine the dollar amount of the compensation you might receive.

Payment of medical bills is always included in the compensation for any personal injury claim. It is your right to get reimbursed for the expense of any on-going and future medical treatment you receive because of the car accident. Keep in mind that the pain from your injuries may be long lasting and you may have to go to the doctor in the future as well.

If you end up missing work due to the injuries caused by the car accident, you should be compensated for your lost wage. Just like for medical expenses, you need to take the future into account. Think about how your current and potential future earning capacity has been affected by the car accident injury. It is important to keep the present and the future in mind when you want to recover compensation for the damages.

Other types of damages for which you may be able to recover money include emotional distress, loss of consortium, property loss, and punitive damages. A qualified attorney will guide you and help you how much compensation you should rightfully receive.