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Although we try to communicate clearly, it is not always easy for personal injury attorneys to explain accident issues to victims. Often, the victim needs a peer perspective instead of a legal perspective. A good, solid perspective would tell newly-injured victims what works and what does not work in terms of a legal remedy. It would also inform them about what not to do after a bike or pedestrian accident.

We came across the story of one young man who was struck by a vehicle while biking. He used his blog to detail his struggles following the accident and shared images of his medical bills and other information. Fortunately, he did not suffer life-threatening injuries but got a fractured femur out of the experience. He also shared information about the property damage caused by the accident as well as his struggles with insurance companies.

Here are some takeaways we would like to share with you about this victim’s story.

— He shows why it is important to keep a record of each medical appointment.

— He demonstrates why medical providers should note appointment times in order to be reimbursed for lost wages due to a doctor visit.

— He reveals how his lack of consistent documentation affected his insurance payout.

— He discussed how the driver of the vehicle ignored calls from his own insurance provider, which delayed the victim’s resolution.

— He showed how his medical insurance abruptly indicated the victim’s auto insurance should take precedence.

The victim in this case chose to handle the matter on his own. If he had opted to work with a personal injury lawyer, most of his issues would not have happened. We want all Oklahoma City bicycle and pedestrian accident victims to understand that a good attorney knows how to address these issues in your stead. This leaves you free to recover and move forward with the simple business of living your life. Please browse our website for additional information.