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When you are involved in a car accident, your injuries may prove relatively minor, meaning they require little, if any, medical treatment. On the other hand, they may prove quite serious, potentially debilitating you for life or even killing you.

While the nature of injuries vary broadly based on factors such as the severity of the crash, seat belt use and so on, there are some injuries that result from car accidents more than others.

Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries are often extremely serious, as damage to your spinal cord can result in you losing function or sensation in other parts of your body. Such injuries can affect the connection between your brain and your body, which can permanently hinder movement and leave you in need of near-constant medical care.

Head and brain injuries

Anytime you suffer a heavy blow to the head, you might suffer a head or brain injury, a common occurrence in many car accidents. Brain injuries can prove quite serious and permanently debilitating, and they are not always immediately apparent.

Back injuries

Back injuries, too, are not always immediately apparent following car accidents, but they can prove highly severe. Injuries that affect your lower back are particularly common, and they can lead to diminished mobility and intense pain, among other hardships.

Internal injuries

Internal injuries are those that affect your inner organs, such as your liver, lungs or kidneys. Internal injuries are almost always serious in nature, meaning they call for prompt medical attention.

Emotional scars

Many people find that they have emotional scars after car accidents that can affect other areas of their lives. For example, you may find that you have trouble sleeping following a serious accident, or that you become depressed afterward due to a lack of mobility or a change in your appearance.

Sometimes, injuries following car accidents are quite obvious, but other times, they are harder to spot. If you suspect you may have suffered an injury, but you are not sure, do not leave things to chance. Seek treatment for any possible injuries and help restore your own peace of mind.