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The fall season brings in beautiful leaves and the perfect excuse to wear those warm, comfy sweaters in your closet. However, autumn also brings some unique hazards on the road. As you get ready for the holidays and bundle up with a hot beverage, keep in mind the potential dangers you may encounter when you drive.

Driving in fall can sometimes be risky because of changing weather conditions and shorter days due to daylight savings ending on November 5. Below are some of the hazards to watch out for and how to navigate the roads during this season.

1. Wet leaves

The brown, yellow and orange leaves in fall are gorgeous, but do not underestimate their ability to affect your driving safety. When leaves fall and get wet, they become slippery, reduce your traction and cover important road markings. Increase your following distance of cars when driving on a road covered in wet leaves so you have more time to stop or react. SafeBee recommends avoiding braking on wet leaves when possible.

2. Shorter days

Autumn means you will see less daylight. Lessening sunlight can make it harder for you to see road signs, other motorists, cyclists or pedestrians during the late afternoon. Adjust your speed and following distances as necessary. Consider turning on your headlights when you start your drive home, even if there is still daylight when you leave work.

3. Lower temperatures

With the weather changing, you must stay alert when you get on the road. The roads and your windshield may be full of frost, affecting your visibility and traction. Clear your windows and windshield of frost before you drive. Brake and decelerate gently. And, of course, be careful when it rains or snows.

Fall can be a great time to create memories, whether it is simply enjoying the changing colors or attending a football game. Make sure you stay aware of these hazards and adjust your driving accordingly.