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The busy interstate freeway I-40 is a major east-west corridor that covers the length of the United States from California through to North Carolina and crosses the length of Oklahoma for 331 miles from Texas to Arkansas. The redesigned I-40 Oklahoma City Crosstown Expressway alone, a five-mile stretch running through the city with 10 lanes of traffic, can carry over 170,000 vehicles per day traveling at speeds of 60 mph.

Clearly, the traffic volume in such a large U.S. city means accidents occur, and when they do, they are often quite serious. If you sustained a serious injury as a result of a freeway accident, you may have a right to compensation for your injuries under the law.

Major accidents not uncommon

Crashes on I-40 can often be tragic affairs. In 2017, a four-car crash on I-40 in Oklahoma City resulted in one man’s death. In that case, one driver allegedly crashed into another driver’s truck, which led to the other two cars in the pile-up. While the driver of the second vehicle died, the first driver may have been negligent in the crash. Every accident is different, and it can be difficult to determine all the circumstances that point to negligence. A qualified attorney who works with serious injury cases from motor vehicle accidents may be able to help you determine whether your particular accident has the basis for a lawsuit.

Physical and emotional injuries

A motor vehicle accident can be quite a traumatic event. In addition to the pain and suffering as a result of your physical injuries, you may also experience emotional or psychological suffering after a crash. This is a side of suffering that may go unnoticed and uncompensated, especially because it often does not show outward physical signs and symptoms. Despite the fact it often does not receive as much attention as serious physical injury, it is important to recognize the psychological as well as emotional impact and consequences of a crash. These provide a complete picture of the suffering as a result of your accident and can be useful in helping you and your lawyer build your case.

Driving on I-40, like any interstate freeway, has its risks. Given the vast number of vehicles traveling the interstate freeways daily, as well as construction and commercial trucks, multiple-car accidents are an unfortunate fact of life. If you are a victim of a multiple-car crash, it may be in your best interest to seek the advice of an attorney to explore the options available to you in terms of possible compensation for your injuries and suffering.