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Standing With You

After you suffer an injury in a car crash, the focus is, understandably, on your injury. Some injuries are usually evident to others – broken bones, for example, or internal bleeding that doctors are able to find. Doctors even take serious injuries such as whiplash or back pain that might not show up visibly or on diagnostics.

All of this attention on the physical aspect of your health is good, but it is important to remember to take care of yourself emotionally.

Let yourself “feel”

Experiencing emotions such as anxiety, shock and disbelief after a crash is normal, even if you are not seriously hurt or hurt at all. An unexpected, traumatic thing has just happened to you.

You might start blaming yourself for the crash even if it was not your fault and snap at others around you. Unwanted thoughts may also sneak into your life constantly. Instead of trying to bury these emotions and behaviors, let yourself feel. Talk to others about your anxieties and fears. Relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises may also help you stay more patient with the people around you.

If these feelings are unusually intense or linger past three months, professional counseling may help (you may have PTSD).

Acknowledge that your situation has changed

Another emotional blow is the fact that your situation has changed. For instance, if you broke bones in the crash, you may no longer be able to take care of your children the way you used to. Trying to be “Superman” or “Superwoman,” refusing help from others and carrying on as usual may hinder you medically and lead to more mental and emotional damage in the long term. It can also lead to insurance companies accusing you of exaggerating or faking injuries.

Discuss these issues with your lawyer

It is important to discuss these issues if you are filing a personal injury claim. You deserve compensation for more than just your physical injuries and medical bills.