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Multiple vehicle pile-ups tend to make the news. Recently in Oklahoma, six vehicles were in a crash that resulted from a lone tire that came off its vehicle and jumped along I-35. 

These types of incidents can be difficult for insurance agencies and attorneys to figure out. However, fender benders are normally quite simple to determine who was at fault. Still, that does not mean they are innocuous. Plenty of people suffer from severe injuries every year from minor fender benders that take place in driveways and parking lots. It is for this reason you still need to call the police after what seems like a minor collision. 

The report provides useful information to all relevant parties

You may assume a police report is unnecessary if the other driver agrees to your version of what transpired at the scene of the collision. However, that driver can always change his or her story later. With a police report, you and the other driver must speak to law enforcement and each provide your own side of the story. The report functions as an objective examination of who holds most of the liability. This can bolster your claim or work to your advantage in court. The other driver can try to refute the police report later, but it may not sway a jury. 

Fender benders can still be dangerous

After a fender bender, you may not think you even have to file an insurance claim because the damage appears minor. However, you never know what damage could lurk beneath your vehicle where you cannot see. You want to take your car to a mechanic posthaste to see if anything came loose.

Additionally, you may have suffered injuries you are unaware of right now. It takes some people several days to notice the signs of whiplash or a brain injury after a car accident. You jeopardize your claim when you delay medical treatment, and after a fender bender, you may develop serious symptoms that last for years and require constant treatment. You may want to seek out a claim once you realize you have injuries, and a police report will definitely come in handy at that point.