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Late winter and early spring can be the deadliest time of year on roadways around the country. USA Today reported in 2017 that hundreds of people lose their lives every year due to icy roads as the temperature melts the snow during the day and refreezes them at night.

Even as winter turns to spring in Oklahoma, snow may still fall and rain can fall as sleet, so drivers need to be ready. Serious injuries can occur if drivers do not follow proper precautions. Here are some basic tips all Oklahoma drivers should follow if they want to reduce their chances of needing to file a car accident claim this year. 

If you see ice, be careful. If you don’t see ice, be more careful

The best thing anyone can do in inclement weather is to simply slow down. It is far too easy to lose control of a vehicle when there is snow or sleet on the roads. Even if the roads are only wet from rain, your car can still spin out of control. It is vital to be aware of the dangers of black ice, which can be difficult to see on roadways. You should travel well below the speed limit after it just rained. 

Stay focused during storms

In the event rain or snow currently falls, then you need to be more alert than usual. You should always keep your eyes off your phone when you drive, but this becomes even more important during storms. You should ask passengers to stay quiet if you have trouble focusing on the road. It can even be a good idea to turn off the radio, so there is nothing in the car to distract you. 

Check the weather before you leave

Before you get behind the wheel, check the forecast to see if it will rain or snow after you hit the road. Because you need to travel slower, you need to give yourself more time to reach your destination. You do not want to be in a rush. Your safety is more important than anything else.