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Because Edmond has famously mild autumns, you may be able to ride your motorcycle for two or three more months. Still, while there are more motorcyclists on Oklahoma’s roadways during the summer, motorcycle accidents do not stop in September, October or November.

According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, 89 motorcycle riders lost their lives on state roadways in 2018. That said, you do not have to die in a riding accident for it to be severe. On the contrary, if you sustain a serious injury, your life may never be the same again. Here are three common types of motorcycle accidents you should avoid:

1. Head-on collisions 

Cars, trucks and SUVs are significantly larger than your motorcycle. They also have steel cages that protect their drivers. While your motorcycle is fun to ride, it does not offer much protection during a head-on collision. As such, always look twice before passing another vehicle. Further, never attempt to overtake a car if you do not have a clear view of the road in front of you.

2. Lane-splitting sideswipes 

Lane-splitting is illegal in the Sooner State. Still, riders often attempt to beat traffic by splitting lanes. Doing so, though, is often a mistake. When you ride where motorists do not expect, you increase your chances of sustaining a serious injury in a sideswiping accident.

3. Left-hand turn accidents 

As a motorcycle rider, you must always think about driver blind spots. While it may be tempting to pull beside a vehicle to make a left-hand turn, you may wind up positioning your bike in a place that other drivers cannot see it. Staying behind cars in the turn lane is a better approach.

While some motorcycle accidents are unpredictable, many occur for just a few reasons. By understanding how motorcycle collisions tend to unfold, you can better plan for staying safe on your motorcycle during the last few months of the riding season.