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Standing With You

The dangers of distracted driving are well-known, but sometimes we all justify a little bends in the rules, like fixing up lipstick or sending a quick text to a friend. Unfortunately, whether you have a bad habit of distracted driving or allow yourself a one-off exception, it only takes seconds to get in a car crash.

To protect yourself and those you share the road with, it’s important to keep driving your main and only focus when you are in your vehicle. This is because, even though distracted driving accidents are on the decline, they are far from being eliminated completely. Below is just a sampling of benefits that can result from attentive driving.

Prevent a fatal crash

According to the CDC, about nine people die each day in distracted driving incidents. In fact, at 55 miles per hour, you can travel the length of a football field in just five seconds. The only thing is the open road or freeway isn’t an empty field, rather it’s shared with plenty other motorists. And even crashing into a barrier, tree or light pole can be both costly and dangerous.

Set an example

Whether you drive your children, pick up your peers or ride solo, you can influence those in and outside of your car with your behavior. Teaching children the importance of safe driving at a young age can help them make the right choices behind the wheel once they have their driver’s license. Teen drivers are naturally less experienced than other adult drivers, so instilling simple rules like packing away your phone before each trip can go a long way.

Keep your record clean

Not only can you risk your life by willingly participating in distractions behind the wheel, but you can also face fines and other penalties for reckless driving decisions. In Oklahoma, if a law enforcement officer pulls you over for texting while driving, then you could face a $100 fine. But, if it’s too late and your single text message resulted in a car accident and caused injuries to those involved, then you could face negligence charges.

Although accidents can be inevitable, it’s crucial to not take the privilege of driving lightly.