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While most people in Edmond likely realize that the threat experiencing a car accident is ever-present, few may ever anticipate having to deal with one. This confidence likely comes from the assumption that their strong driving skills are enough to help them avoid accidents.

One’s skills, however, cannot overcome the negligence of others. Despite the awareness emphasized on the need for to drive responsibly, people still engage in actions behind the wheel that can be blatantly negligent. Sadly, in many of these cases, it is not those who demonstrate such negligence that suffer the most, but rather those who become subject to their reckless actions.

Durant rocked by senseless tragedy

This fact was on full display in a tragic accident that recently occurred in Durant. Authorities say that a man ran into a vehicle stopped at a red light. Upon arriving on the scene, first responders reported smelling alcohol on the man’s breath. He is currently undergoing treatment at a local hospital for the injuries he sustained in the collision. Law enforcement officials not yet to announce what criminal charges he may face. Sadly, all four of the teens traveling in the vehicle that he hit died in the accident.

Holding reckless behavior accountable

Some might view the family of one killed in a car accident seeking legal action following their death as being vindictive. What they fail to see is the fact that not only do these families face having to fill a giant emotional void in their lives, but a financial one as well. Oftentimes meeting that financial need may only come through compensation obtained through a lawsuit. Those needing to seek such action may first want to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.