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In Oklahoma and across the United States, distracted driving has become one of the most common causes of auto accidents with injuries and fatalities. After an accident, it is natural to immediately think that the driver might not have been paying attention to the road. Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable people if drivers are operating their vehicles while distracted. Among the most at risk are people simply minding their own business outside their homes. People who are injured or lose a loved one in an auto accident should be aware of the challenges they may face and take the appropriate steps.

Man working on his lawn dies in alleged distracted driving crash

A 59-year-old man was outside his home mowing his lawn when he was hit by a box truck and killed. The accident happened in the afternoon and emergency responders were called at about 1 p.m. People nearby said the truck was heading northeast and the driver, a 28-year-old man, was distracted.

The victim was in the process of mowing his lawn when he was hit. The vehicle kept going into the neighbor’s yard before crashing into the home. When first responders arrived, they found the man under the truck. He was declared dead at the scene. The driver was taken for a blood test to determine if he was under the influence. He was released from custody soon after. There is surveillance video of the crash and criminal charges are possible. The investigation is ongoing.

Facing the aftermath of a fatal auto accident

There are many concerns after an auto accident. When there are injuries, the person and his or her family may be confronted with massive and unexpected medical expenses. There could be challenges helping a family and the need for extensive care even after being released from the hospital. Working can be problematic and there are often financial ramifications from lost wages. If there is a fatality, there are a host of other issues including funeral expenses, the sudden loss of personal and financial contributions from the lost loved one, and the emotional impact.

A legal filing may not be foremost on a person’s mind after this type of motor vehicle accident, but it is important to think about the future and consider all the available options. Seeking compensation due to a fatality after a distracted driving accident requires the gathering of evidence and following the requirements. Calling caring and experienced legal professionals can provide guidance information on how to proceed after a wrongful death incident.