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Survey reveals widespread concerns over distracted driving

If Oklahoma residents feel apprehensive about the sheer number of things that can distract a driver, they are not alone. An online survey conducted by the AI firm Netradyne between Feb. 25 and March 10, 2020, shows that the majority recognize the problem posed by phones and other distractions. The following is a summary of the survey results.

Recognition even among unsafe drivers

Of the 1,248 drivers who participated, half expressed their concern that driving was becoming less safe overall. In particular, 82% were worried about the rise in distracted drivers. Yet many of the participants themselves engaged in unsafe behaviors. The most commonly reported distraction in the survey was the consuming of liquids while the activity with the most severe consequences was social media use.

The consequences were as follows. Some 20% of respondents had received points on their license or a fine on account of distracted driving. For one in seven, their distraction embroiled them in a car accident and caused them to either suffer physical injuries or lose their vehicle.

Most distracted driving crashes are preventable

Netradyne believes that most of these crashes could have been prevented if drivers were properly trained and installed crash avoidance tech on their vehicles. Yet it could be doubted that most drivers see a need to change. Ninety-one percent of respondents considered themselves safe drivers.

Having your rights legally protected

Victims of motor vehicle collisions who are not to blame, or whose responsibility for a crash does not surpass the other side’s, have a right to compensation. To have this right protected, you may want to hire a lawyer. A lawyer could handle all negotiations for a reasonable settlement that covers all your legitimate losses, including non-economic ones like pain and suffering.