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Surgical Malpractice Occurs For Several Reasons

Medical malpractice is a leading cause of patient death in the United States and in Oklahoma. One of the many ways in which medical malpractice can occur is during surgery. The high pressure and time constraints involved in surgical procedures place surgeons under pressure. Doctors and nurses who cannot adequately handle the pressure and professional requirements of surgery may make mistakes that lead to permanent injury or even death.

At Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst in Oklahoma City, our lawyers take seriously our calling to protect our individual clients against the manipulations of big hospitals and insurance companies. We will help you stand up against the hospital and insurance companies, refusing their offers for a quick settlement until the full extent of your injuries is made clear. Too often, insurance companies prefer a quick settlement over one that fully compensates the patient for the injury he or she has suffered. The experienced Oklahoma City medical malpractice attorneys at Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst will ensure that the insurance company plays fair in making a settlement offer, and will fight for your rights in court if the insurance company refuses to recognize the extent of your injury.

Why Do Surgical Errors Happen?

Surgical errors can be made in a variety of ways. For instance, a physician may use an improper surgical technique. He or she may fail to check the position of body organs, injuring one while attempting to fix another. The anesthesiology team may fail to monitor a patient properly during surgery, resulting in brain or other organ damage from lack of oxygen or a heartbeat that dropped too low during anesthesia. The wrong medications may be administered, causing allergic reactions and other complications. Or the surgical team may fail to keep track of surgical instruments, resulting in a piece of equipment accidentally being left inside the patient. Finally, a surgeon may operate on the wrong body part or even on the wrong patient.

Although hospital teams and surgeons usually take care to ensure that these mistakes do not happen, some medical professionals provide care that does not meet the generally accepted professional standard for taking care of patients. When these substandard mistakes result in injury or untimely death, the patient or the patient’s family has grounds to bring a medical malpractice claim for surgical error, and may be entitled to compensation for a wide range of issues, including medical bills, loss of mobility or function, disability, pain and suffering, loss of companionship and other damages.

The days and weeks after a surgical error can be overwhelming to the patient and his or her family. Therapy, rehabilitation, follow-up appointments and post-surgery complications can create days full of urgent problems that add to the mounting pile of medical costs. Unfortunately, some physicians, hospitals and insurance companies attempt to take advantage of this harrowing time after a surgical error or medical malpractice has occurred.

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