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You Can Still Recover Damages In Hit-And-Run Accidents

A hit-and-run accident can leave the victim and his or her family racked with fear, pain and uncertainty. In addition to the burden of serious injury or loss, the victim and his or her survivors often face complex insurance and liability issues. When the at-fault driver is nowhere to be found, you may fear that you have no legal recourse.

It is important to remember that you deserve justice. At Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst, we help auto accident victims pursue full and fair compensation for their injuries so they can put their lives back together. Because we have a strong background in complex injury cases, we are able to conduct the kind of thorough investigation and rigorous litigation that hit-and-run accidents often require.

We Have Staff Investigators To Assist In These Cases

Leaving the scene of an accident is not just a crime; it can be a substantial hurdle in your personal injury case. When a driver flees the scene, it can leave holes in the police report and case file that challenge your case. This is where our investigative strength shines. We employ an on-staff investigator who will immediately begin using our resources to identify the driver so he or she can be brought to justice and held accountable.

Our attorneys will conduct their own investigation, identifying all possible options to pursue insurance coverage so you can afford to pay your medical bills, repair your vehicle and take care of your loved ones while you recover.

Pedestrians and cyclists are some of the most frequent and vulnerable victims of hit-and-run accidents. We have helped these road users secure millions of dollars in compensation following serious accidents involving negligent drivers.

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