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Nursing Home Workers Are Responsible For Medication Errors

Pharmaceutical errors can result in serious injuries and illnesses when they occur to any patient, but nursing home residents are at an even greater danger of suffering the consequences of such mistakes. Because nursing home residents rely on workers to maintain their medication and administer regular and correct doses, they often do not realize they are being given the incorrect medication. Additionally, some residents are unable to recognize their own symptoms of being given improper medication or are unable to communicate to staff that something is wrong, leading to worse and longer-lasting effects that may result in death.

Administering medication is a crucial part of a nursing home staff’s job, and negligence, oversight, or recklessness can easily lead to serious consequences for residents. The Oklahoma nursing home pharmaceutical error lawyers at Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst understand the seriousness of these incidents and the difficult nature of proving fault on a nursing home’s behalf. Our Oklahoma City nursing home injury attorneys are dedicated to finding justice and proper compensation for such incidents.

Common Types Of Pharmaceutical Errors

Because of the nature of medicating nursing home residents, there are a wide variety of pharmaceutical errors that can occur, each with their own causes and effects. Some of the most common errors include:

  • Improper preparation: Some medications must be shaken well, crushed or otherwise prepared before being administered. If not done correctly, a wrong dose or concentration may be given to the patient, and while some medications are more likely to cause harm in such cases, all such incidents are considered errors.
  • Incorrect medication: Nursing home staff handles a large amount of medications every day for their residents, each of whom have special needs and medication requirements. As such, staff may make a mistake in giving out medications. Many residents won’t be able to tell if the medication is wrong and will therefore be unable to prevent such accidents from occurring.
  • Incorrect dose: Overdosing or underdosing a patient can occur by a simple error when pouring out medications. Often, a worker may forget how much a patient needs or may be not paying attention, either of which may lead to errors that are difficult for residents to spot.
  • Improper administration: Many medications must be given under certain circumstances such as with food, via eye drops, with an inhaler or through other means of administration. If a worker fails to administer the drugs in their needed way or does so in a dangerous or reckless manner, severe complications can ensue.

Complications From Pharmaceutical Errors

Nursing home residents often need care that cannot be provided elsewhere. This regularly includes long-lasting conditions that require medication in order to be kept under control, which errors may worsen. The complications that occur from pharmaceutical errors are directly related to what type of error a resident has been subjected to. When a resident is not given his or her medication or is given less than the correct dose, the condition it is for will worsen and may result in death or injury if allowed to continue. The same event occurs if given the wrong medication, but he or she may also be harmed by that drug’s side effects for those that are not meant to take it.

Being overdosed or incorrectly administered with a medication can result in toxic effects that can harm a person’s body. These errors can poison a person, leading to organ failure and death shortly after, with even the most common medications becoming deadly at a high enough concentration. The effects of a medication error can develop slowly over time or happen relatively quickly, but even one instance or error can have lasting consequences that harm a resident.

Experienced Pharmaceutical Error Attorneys

The Oklahoma pharmaceutical error attorneys at Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst understand the serious and tragic nature of an avoidable medication accident. Our legal team is experienced in these fields of injury and can apply our skills to your case to help you and your loved one find justice and fair compensation for the losses suffered. For a consultation on your case, contact us at 800-539-0652.