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Some of the most devastating injuries are the ones that could have been prevented with a little more care and caution. Motor vehicle accidents caused by reckless drivers or medical mistakes made by an inexperienced physician can cause the victim long-term pain and suffering, and even death. However, there are resources available to victims of these terrible accidents. The lawyers of Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst Attorneys At Law, serving all Oklahoma areas including Oklahoma City and Tulsa, are advocates for victims of traumatic brain, spinal cord, and neurological injuries. Call our firm at 800-539-0652 if you have suffered from a serious injury caused by a reckless or negligent party.

About Brain, Spinal Cord And Neurological Injuries

Brain, spinal cord and neurological injuries often occur when a sudden trauma or insult causes damage to the brain, spine, and human nervous system. This damage can be the result of the head or neck suddenly and violently jerking or hitting an object, or an object piercing the skull and entering the brain tissue or penetrating the spinal cord. Such serious injuries are often associated with car, commercial truck, and other motor vehicle accidents. Brain and neurological injuries can also occur from lack of oxygen or blood to the brain; this can lead to profound brain damage and, in turn, severe, long-term neurological injury. Situations in which the brain does not receive enough oxygen or blood include complications of labor and delivery, surgical mistakes, medication errors, and other types of medical malpractice.

In many cases, the accident victim should receive immediate medical attention to prevent and reduce the risk of further injury to the brain, this includes intracranial bleeding and increased pressure inside the skull. Both can greatly increase the damage caused by the original trauma, potentially leading to more significant brain damage. Approximately half of neurological injury patients will need surgery to remove or repair hematomas (ruptured blood vessels) or contusions (bruised tissue) to the brain and spine.

The Effects Of A Neurological Injury

The nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord, is an extraordinary and complex system that controls and regulates almost all functions of the human body. Unfortunately, this intricate system is vulnerable to disease, trauma and injury. In turn, neurological injuries often have disastrous, devastating and far-reaching consequences.

Disabilities resulting from neurological injuries depend upon the severity of the injury, the location and extent of the injury, and the age and general health of the individual. More traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries may result in coma, a medical condition in which an individual is totally unconscious and unresponsive, or persistent vegetative state, in which an individual is unconscious, but continues to have a sleep-wake cycle and periods of alertness. Regrettably, neurological injuries are often quite severe, resulting in:

  • Permanent disability
  • Paralysis (quadriplegia/paraplegia)
  • Impaired motor, sensory, cognitive functioning
  • Behavior and communication problems
  • Severe physical and mental emotional pain and suffering
  • Death

The survivors of neurological injuries often face prolonged recovery and extensive medical bills and future medical and life care expenses. The effects of neurological injury are far-reaching and often permanently change the lives of not only the victims of the injury, but also their spouses, children, parents and other family members. Recovery from a serious brain or spine injury is a lifelong commitment that requires specialized care and treatment from neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists and physical and mental rehabilitation specialists such as physical and occupational therapists, speech therapists, respiratory therapists, counselors, life care planners and specially trained nurses. The victims of severe neurological injury often incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and require long-term rehabilitation and lifelong medical care, costing millions of dollars.

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